Sunday, May 12, 2013

San Diego Zoo Safari Park!!

Hello everyone!! Hope everyone had a happy mother's day 。◕‿◕。!! I think 
my mom had a great mother's day ! We took her to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park , It was so much fun, especially cause my mom loves the zoo. When we were little we used to go to the zoo often, so after not going to the zoo for almost 10 years @__@, I think it was a nice surprise ✿!!
Now we have the yearly pass, so we can go as many times as we want (★^O^★)
 It was superr hottttt, so I wore my cowboy hat XD!! mehehe!

Here are some of the pics I took *w*:

Giraffes!! there were a lot of giraffes and they were soo cutee >0<!!
 Look at the little one, so adorable!!

Elephants!! ^0^!!
The little ones are super cute!

OMG! the gorillas smelled SOOO badd xP!!This one was HUGE!! 
and was posing for the pic *v*, Look at her "I'm so cool" pose lol

The Lion KingxD!.. omgg they aree soo lazyyy, they were
 sleeping when we got to the park, then we saw them again 
after 3 hours and they were still sleeping ¬¬U.. grrr

These are some kind of pale Flamingos, can't remember what 
the tour guy told us they were, cause I was excited taking pics XD!

More animalssss *__*!!
(omg I'm so bad at remembering names @_@)

And a pic of my sister and I!
Oh well it was fun even though I got a headache at the end
 cause it was too hot T__T!!
If you love animals and come to San Diego I definitely 
recommend coming to the Safari!!
Hope you liked the pics I took :D!!!
Bye bye!


  1. It's an Impala OwO (the one that you didn't remember the name) I love animals TwT I want to go to that safari !

  2. You look so pretty! Love the blue top. I went to the zoo once when I was a kid. I got to feed a giraffe an apple. It was an interesting experience XD

  3. awwww!! graciass Thabasa, soy pesima con los nombres T__T! todo se me olvida siempre XD!!

  4. Thank youuuuu!!! OMGG super awesomeee!! I want to feed a giraffe too XD<3!!! I bet your hand ended up covered in saliva @__@!

  5. Oh, I remember that park! I was in San Diego for 2-3 weeks or so a couple of years ago and we visited the zoo. :D I miss it very much. ;_; You look sooooo pretty, by the way. I love your hair and everything and aksjghds!

  6. You look really cute! It's too bad about your headache at the end though. ): I could never last long at the zoo for the exact same reason, the heat destroys me. Are you going to go to the Gyaru fashion show at anime expo?

  7. Thank youuu!! yeahhh T__T I hate super hot weather, I think it's was 90F today.. I still have a headache, I should provably go to sleep XD!.
    I'm still not 100% if I'll be at the Fashion Show, but for sure I'll be at the Gal booth selling clothes the 4 days ^0^!!!

  8. Awww reallyyy?? omgg!!! *__* come againnnnnnnn hahah!!
    Thank youu sooo much dearrr T^T! <3<3

  9. Your mom's so lucky; yay for safari parks!! ^^

  10. Awww look at all the animals!~ You look like you had lots of fun!

  11. Wow that looks so fun~ There's so many different types of animals!

  12. Thank you for the wonderful pictures! I love zoos and safari parks so much! I love the animals!

    Your hat is sooooo cute! <3

  13. You look so adorable! haha I hate when the heat does that to me too. & I love your cowboy hat!~

  14. like always nino you look absolute stunning <3<3<3<3 I love the pic of you and your sister ^^

  15. the flamingos look so pretty :D

  16. Love your outfit. Thanks for sharing the pics! ^_^

  17. you look so adorable!! and totally ready for the saffari <3

  18. Thankk you!! yess we had lots of fun! ^0^!

  19. Yeahh!!! *___* <3 it was funnn!!

  20. awwww I'm happy you liked the picsss *___*!!!
    Thank you so much!

  21. Aww Thankk you princess <3<3!!!

  22. Iellwen De La RubiaJuly 12, 2013 at 3:16 AM

    Hi, hi! I don´t know the name in inglish, but in Spain, is "Flamenco"