Monday, May 6, 2013

DreamV order ^__^!!!

Hello everyone!!  Hope you are all doing well *w*!!
Today I'm going to show you some of the stuff I got from DreamV

This hat in black ^0^! I love hats! and this one is super cute!

I also got this purse in Black!! soo adorablee omgg *0*8!!!

These pumps in pink XD..I usually don't get anything pink,
 but I want to start wearing light colours >//<!!!
Plus they are perfect for spring *¬* and look so cool!!

These wedges in black x leopard!
They look soo comfy and I love comfy shoes XD<3

These super pretty wedges!! 
( black and white aka "Black Aravesque")

And these thighs!! (the ones showed in the big picture *¬*!!)

Hope I get them soon!!
Bye bye ^__^!!


  1. theyre so pretty!!

  2. I hope you can review them or posts pics when you get them! I'm loving those wedges!

  3. I bought that bag as well:) Love bags from dreamv,they are quiet cheap yet the quality is pretty good. Bought mine in beige since they were sold out of it in camel color >_<

    Also those shoes that are seethrough, I really really want them but I don't wear high heels...

  4. Ahhhh, you got nice things - I really like the shoes you chose the most though!!!

  5. I love everything you got! So pretty *.*

  6. Really cute haul! Lovee the bag <3

    I've always wanted to buy from DreamV but the items I want are always out of stock :(

  7. oooh, i love your haul *O*
    But the first shoes in pink are REALLY adorable, i like them sooo much ><*

  8. Those tights are adorable! I can't wait until you get them!

  9. PS.
    I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award <333

  10. I knowww!! *m* I felt in love when I saw them!!

  11. Awww thank youu sooo muchhh dearr *__* so glad you like my blogg!!!<3<3
    I knowww, everything always sells out super quick T___T!!!

  12. Thank youuu!! I have something for shoes @__@!! I don't know what happened to me, cause I wasn't into shoes before. xP!!

  13. I knoooww and this one seems like it's going to be good qualityy too *__*! is soo prettyyy <3
    You don't wear high heels D:!!? why?
    I just started wearing high heels 7 months ago XD, I can't walk really well on high heels, but wedges make it easier and are super comfyy *0*! you should try ^____^!!

  14. Yeahhh! I'll tryyy, I was even thinking about making a video or something XD.. (if I'm not too lazy lol)

  15. oh wow they all look so lovely!

  16. Cute buys! I'm loving all the shoes.

    I also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award~

  17. Oh I used to LOVE wearing high heels but that was before I met my bf:P I'm 167 and he's just a bit over 170 so when I wear high heels I'm so much taller than him, and honestly I don't like being taller than him. Ofc I wear heels when I'm at school and gfs but I'd love to feel more girly with heels when I'm with him xD I'm weird I know but i wish I was shorter...

  18. I love shoes :D I can have a million different types and still want more :P Also... um... I nominated you for a versatile blogger award I noticed some other people did too though!! ^.^

  19. awww omgg I totally get you!! I'm 1.70 and I look like a giant with high heels XD! hahah! I too used to have a boyfriend who was also the same height as me and that's why I didn't wear high heels @__@! cause I didn't want to look taller xDD!

  20. Aww thankkk youuu soo muchhh >0<8!! I'm soo happy!!

  21. Aaaahhh!! So pretty !!

    Can't wait to see you in them!

    I love hats too~~!! The one you got is really cute! hehe

    *faints* everything's too cute =3= ♥


  22. Oh my, so many cute shoes. xD
    I love the wedges with parts of flower print in light blue or turquoise. *_*
    Haha yeah, dreamv is a great store, I just ordered a yukata from it. :3

  23. You have got such a great taste, but I am always wondering, does DreamV have a good quality?