Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Giveaway time!! [sponsored by]

Hello everyone!! hope you are doing well :).
Today I bring to you a GIVEAWAY!! kindly sponsored by EYECANDYS.COM
Since Valentine's day is near I thought I'll make this a 
Valentine's day themed giveaway ^__^.
If you win you can keep the Lenses and give the voucher to your 
friend or the other way around.
**Remember if you win you can pick the lenses of your choice from + you'll get a 50% off shopping voucher from Eyecandy's**

Last day to enter: February 12th
I'll announce the winner the 14th

Remember that you need to be a public follower of my blog
I'll check EVERY entry!

Use this image to blog about the giveaway and don't forget to link it to this post 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cute polka dot shirt + bow review [Sponsored by Be A Doll!]

Hello everyone!! hope everyone is doing well :3 !
Couple days ago I received a sponsored shirt and bow from B.A.D, their physical store is located in Mexico but they offer their products internationally through Facebook!
The owner is my good friend, she is really honest and nice so I highly recommend her store. Plus shipping  only took  12 working days  :D!!

This is the shirt, soo cute *¬*
I love bows and polka dots! plus the bow has cute little rhinestones !!

Quality ★★★★★ is stretchy and fits me perfectl!
Design ★★★★★ love itttt!!! I really like the detail on the sleeves, makes
them look elegant!
Price ★★★★★ I obviously didn't pay for it xD, but the price is $200 pesos,
around $15 usd and you can find more stuff at the store for good prices :)!
Customer Service ★★★★★ She shipped the shirt the next day and sent me 
the tracking number, plus she is one of the sweetest people I know!!
Overall ★★★★★- Excellent! and sometimes they have great offers!!! 

Visit their page HERE!!

I also got this bow >///< here Kuromi is modeling it for you!
I already have in mind an outfit to wear it with :D! I'll show it to you guys in the future!!

BTW!! Maybe most of you already know about the Gaijin Gyaru Awards.
The nominations are already open so you can nominate your favorite Gaijin Gyaru! 
I already nominated mine *__*!!

That's it for today
Bye bye!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Jealousness Longwearing Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Review [sponsored by]

Hello!! Today I'm going to review the 
"Jealousness Longwearing Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil", 
kindly sponsored by
Packaging ★★★★★- I love it cause it's pinkkk!!! *__*
Texture ★★★★★ really soft and easy to apply :D!
Colour ★★★★★ I've seen some eyebrow pencils that are supposed to be brown but look reddish ¬¬, this one looks brown :)!
Overall ★★★★★ This is a good eyebrow pencil :)! and the price is also really good!!

They sent me a dark brown eyebrow pencil, which ended up being really dark for me cause my hair is blonde, But luckily I have a brown wig :D!! so yay!!  I wore it the whole day and it lasted :)!
Sorry for my crappy lining >.> I'm not used to dark colours.
I wish they would have send me the light brown  cause I really like the texture and the brush works really well! I recommend this colour for people with dark hair ^__^!!

You can get it HERE
That's it for today
 bye bye!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dueba Gossip Blue and GEO Nova Brown Review! [sponsored by]

Hello everyone!! I'm back ^0^ yay! Hope everyone is doing well!
Oh well, today I bring to you 2 reviews sponsored by 

-Colour: ★★★★★ - I really love the colour!! the blue is so pretty and it blends
 into a yellowish colour *m*!!
-Comfortableness: ★★★★★- Super comfy!
-Enlargement-★★★★☆-This is the kind of enlargement I like! not too big
 *____*, perfect for going out and not looking too "fake" haha !
-Overall ★★★★★ I love the colour, design and sizeee!! *___*!

Now picss! :D!

-Colour: ★★★★☆ - The colour doesn't show up really well on dark eyes like 
mine T__T I was expecting the colour to be more noticeable :/
-Comfortableness: ★★★★☆-because of their size they aren't that comfy.
 -Enlargement-★★★★★-These make my eyes huggeeee! so perfect if you want BIG eyes!!!
 -Overall ★★★☆- I wish the colour was more vibrant :(, but I guess they 
give a good enlargement effect and make dark eyes look a little lighter :D!


If you like the Dueba Gossip Blue you can get them HERE
And if you liked the GEO Nova Brown  get them HERE

Also If you use the CODE: NINOSHKA
you get a FREE surprise with any purchase

That's it for today
Bye bye!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year's resolutions!

Hello everyone!! Hope your 2013 is going great so far XD!!
Well since everyone is writing their resolutions for this year I'll do it too >.>!:

-Get my Driver's License
-Get a car
-Get a Job (hopefully at sephora or a makeup place *m*)
-Finally get my degree and transfer to study 3D animation!!
-Join the gym
-Eat more vegetables
-Get pretty clothes
-Go to six flags 

I think that's it xD!! doesn't seem like a lot so if 
do not accomplish this by 2014 I'm going to be mad ò__o!!

Here is a pic of my new year's eve outfit.
I'm sick, so that explains the coat and furry accessories -___-U

Bye bye!!
Let me know what are your new year's resolutions *__*!!