Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cute polka dot shirt + bow review [Sponsored by Be A Doll!]

Hello everyone!! hope everyone is doing well :3 !
Couple days ago I received a sponsored shirt and bow from B.A.D, their physical store is located in Mexico but they offer their products internationally through Facebook!
The owner is my good friend, she is really honest and nice so I highly recommend her store. Plus shipping  only took  12 working days  :D!!

This is the shirt, soo cute *¬*
I love bows and polka dots! plus the bow has cute little rhinestones !!

Quality ★★★★★ is stretchy and fits me perfectl!
Design ★★★★★ love itttt!!! I really like the detail on the sleeves, makes
them look elegant!
Price ★★★★★ I obviously didn't pay for it xD, but the price is $200 pesos,
around $15 usd and you can find more stuff at the store for good prices :)!
Customer Service ★★★★★ She shipped the shirt the next day and sent me 
the tracking number, plus she is one of the sweetest people I know!!
Overall ★★★★★- Excellent! and sometimes they have great offers!!! 

Visit their page HERE!!

I also got this bow >///< here Kuromi is modeling it for you!
I already have in mind an outfit to wear it with :D! I'll show it to you guys in the future!!

BTW!! Maybe most of you already know about the Gaijin Gyaru Awards.
The nominations are already open so you can nominate your favorite Gaijin Gyaru! 
I already nominated mine *__*!!

That's it for today
Bye bye!


  1. You are positively adorable! Everything you got is so cute, I'll definitely check out their store. Thanks for sharing~(*´▽`*)

  2. Beautiful as always, I liked the top very much and of course, the Kuromi! I want one!!!

  3. You look insanely cute!!!! So well put together, I absolutely love it <3

  4. You look so pretty :) I just love your style and your beautiful smile :D

  5. haha thank you, and no I didn't I was just really straight and holding my breath xDD!

  6. That's such a cute shirt!! >w<
    Wah, you're so slim - I'm jealous!

  7. Thank youuu! I'm not that slim XD I was holding my breath hahahah!

  8. Very cute! And so are, as always! :3