Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year's resolutions!

Hello everyone!! Hope your 2013 is going great so far XD!!
Well since everyone is writing their resolutions for this year I'll do it too >.>!:

-Get my Driver's License
-Get a car
-Get a Job (hopefully at sephora or a makeup place *m*)
-Finally get my degree and transfer to study 3D animation!!
-Join the gym
-Eat more vegetables
-Get pretty clothes
-Go to six flags 

I think that's it xD!! doesn't seem like a lot so if 
do not accomplish this by 2014 I'm going to be mad ò__o!!

Here is a pic of my new year's eve outfit.
I'm sick, so that explains the coat and furry accessories -___-U

Bye bye!!
Let me know what are your new year's resolutions *__*!!


  1. Oh gosh I love your outfit @_@ Well, for my new year's resolution, I only want one thing, to be a positive person this year~ :3 (and maybe lose weight lol)


  2. Good luck with transferring to 3D animation!! I really miss my old animation class, can I come join you >.< And your hat is soooo cute!!!! I bet it's super warm too!

  3. Great outfit! ^^ too bad you were sick D: good luck with your resolutions

  4. bexelyn.blogspot.comJanuary 2, 2013 at 9:36 AM

    I'm studying 3D graphics and animation, it's the BEST!

  5. Ah sometimes goals sounds small but at the end they are so hard to reach, I hope you can reach every single one, and please get healthy again :D
    You can do it!!
    Between your coordination is amazing :D

  6. get well soon, and happy new year! you look cute even though you are sick. lol you want to go to six flags? i used to go there every weekend when i was in H.S. good luck with 3d animation btw! that sounds fun :)

    xoxo Sarah

  7. Your outfit is so pretty, you look fabulous! Happy new year! (:

  8. Ninoshie, i like your outfitttt. I hope you can do all the things you want haha :) I wanna grow many followers! And try the Gyaru looks more + shop more haha and go in a purikura thing.

    Feel better soon, i'm sick too boohoow.

  9. Eat more veggies!! Love it! Happy New Year darling!

  10. Happy new Year! I love your hat :D looks super cute~

  11. Happy new year 2013!! Love the outfits! :)

    You look great! Really Beautiful!~


  12. you look so pretty <3 best wishes!

  13. Your resolutions sound good! especially point 1 & 5! I need a driver's licence too~
    Your outfit is suuuper pretty and I love that furry hat you're wearing. Looks comfy~

  14. Love the outfit!
    Looks really really good on you!!~
    You're beautiful! :)
    Happy new year!!! <3


  15. Lovely outfit! ^_^
    My resolution is to live every day to the fullest and be happy!

  16. you look so fabulous on your coat :)
    I also want to get my driver's license by 2013 and off course get a new car haha! hopefully I could yayy hehe! anyways, you are pretty.. i like your gyaru style :)

  17. Hi!!! Good Resolutions!

    My resolutions are... Get a Job!!! For can get: a car, new clothes, makeup and more..... *o*

    A question! You read spanish?!??! right?
    Naaa mi inglés es malo!!! T.T
    Pero igual quiero aprender así que escribo inglés!!! XD
    bye!!! ;3

  18. Daniela Benitez ValadezJanuary 31, 2013 at 8:48 PM

    love it