Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gyaru booth + Ramen show= Fun fun

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing great!
A couple weeks ago we went to the Japan Day Family Festival,
where they had the BIGGEST ramen show in the Unites States!!  *__*!!
We went there to do Gyary Makeup ^0^ it was so much fun and
also we got to eat Ramen and other super yummy japanese food *¬*!!!!!!!!

Michi, Adri and I eating ramen, this Ramen was from
Las Vegas and was delicious (✿ ♥‿♥)!!!!! nom nomz

The lines to get Ramen were super long @_@!!!
Hiromi stood in line for 1 hour to get this Ramen from Japan  ∑(O_O;)!!!!
It was super delicious (T▽T)
Michi, Adri, Hiromi and I *__*!!
Here is our colourful booth XD haha!
A lot of people got gyaru make overs and they all looked so cute.
We did makeup on little girls and even older women, the oldest one 
was in her 60s and was so happy with the result *__* I think everyone 
looked amazing with gyaru makeup XD!!
It was really nice seeing everyone smiling with the result T0T, they all
were amazed by the power of makeup and fake lashes *m*!
Ok now pics of some of the food! XD we ate all day!!!!!

Japanese Ramen

Ramen from Las Vegas + makeup XD

And we also tried a curry hot dog and seaweed french fries, didn't take a pic
 of that but it was the most amazing food ever 。◕m◕。!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so much fun ^___^ definitely a great day!!
That's it for today
 bye bye!!


  1. I bet after all that you didn't eat for ages! Lol!! That's seriously a lot of really yummy food! XD

  2. Looks like a fun day. You look amazing, as always! ^^

  3. > w < !! Looks that was fun, Ohh that Japanese ramen I want! Yomi Yomi, you look beautiful Nino ♥

  4. Aww you girls are always having fun! And food brings much happiness so I'd imagine you would all eat the entire time x) Looking good as always!

  5. oh my god, the food looks awesome *_* and you too! Sounds like a fun idea!

  6. I wish you had gotten pics of some of the makeovers i bet they were adorable!

  7. que buena pinta tiene el ramen !!!!

  8. cute!! I would love to have seen some of the makeover before/after! Bet some of the girls woulda loved to have their photo online XD

  9. All that ramen. *Q*
    I'd love to have my make up done by you. :3

  10. haha actually after that we got to Michi's house and had cake and mexican candy hahah XDD!! I gained like 5lbs that day xP.. but it was worth it *__*!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. thank yoouUu! yeah the ramen was super amazing *__*!!!!!!!

  12. I knoww food+ friends=Awesomeness XD!! hhahaha!
    Thank you so much!

  13. I knoww me too! but we had a bunch of people waiting in line XD so we had to be super fast and didn't get a change to take pics T__T!!

  14. hahah yeahhh XDD we couldn't walk!! but as soon as we got home we ate again lol!!! hahaha
    Yeahhh they all looked amazingg ! next time I want to take pics!!

  15. siii era delicioso *__* en especial el que venia desde Japon!!!!!!!

  16. Yeahh they looked super pretty *__* wish I would have taken some pics too @_@ but we had a huge line waiting, so we didn't have time for pics T_T!

  17. aww yeah doing makeup was fun! but it was also hard @_@ everyone had different eyeshapes xD so I had trouble applying fake lashes on some people xDDDD!! haha

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