Friday, January 13, 2012

yummy food at Beverly Hills and scam! D:

Omg haven't post anything in a week >//< sorry, I been super busy with school XD!
Hope you are all doing well!!
Yesterday I went to Beverly Hills with my sister for an audition thing, so we arrived there and got lost for 40 min -__-.. so we didn't have much time to do fun stuff ;__;. Since we were hungry we went to a restaurant called "Villa Blanca"

Outside (pic taken from the internet)
Inside (pic taken from the internet)

It was nicely decorated, and the service was really good.
I ordered the "Roasted Chicken Flatbread Sandwich". It was a lot o__o, so I didn't finish it -__-. But it was really good :D!
I asked my sister to take pics of me but she sucks at taking pictures D:<! wahh!

Ok so after eating really fast we left to go to my sister's casting thing.  To make the story short, that company is a big scam!! they called my sister for the "final call", but they charge $400 for pics and like $30 monthly!! so yeah she is not going to her "final call", and I just read a bunch of reviews saying they are a scam, plus they lied cause they said the casting was for an specific show (which was not) and didn't mention it was a Talent Agency!!
Ahhhh things like this make me so angry they play with people's dreams of becoming famous to steal their money D:< grrr hope they go to jail or broke soon! Karma will get them :D

And here is pic I took when we came back, I was excited cause my make up lasted 10hrs (without retouching it o__o!, only retouched the lips XD). Secret- Close your eyes and apply hair spray to your face XD

That's it for today! now I have to do tons of homework -__-U
Thanks for reading :D


  1. man, food looks so good! too bad about that casting call though...
    looking stunning as always

  2. That sucks about the scam, when I was younger me and my sisters when through the same thing. I agree with what you said karma will get them ;] At least you had a good meal :D lol

  3. Yummy food!
    Omg that seriously sucks about that casting thing, there are so many scams but I'm glad you guys realized it!
    LOL hair spray to the face, never thought of that!

  4. You look great - as always *__*
    I always use hairspray on my face,too :D

  5. I also have a lot of school: D
    I'd wanted to visit Beverly Hills

  6. Even if u've gotten lost, it sounds nice tho :3
    But what some ppl think about to play with ppl who still believes in good things isn't nice anymore :/
    I hope ur sister isn't as sad as I would be!!

    btw, cute picture of u as usually ♥

  7. omnomnomnoooom it looks rly tasty *_*
    hair spay?Oo hahah i apply glue for fake lashes on my eyes after i've done my make up ehehe

  8. The food looks soooo omnomnomnom!!! *___* Wanna eat it!
    I also hope Karma will get them! ;)
    Love your make up and hair! It's always sooo beautiful! <3

  9. madre mia, ké monton de komida!! @w@
    anyways, you look cute as always <3 jaja ya he oido lo del hairspray en la kara por parte de varias personas, tengo ke probarlo algun dia!! xDDD

  10. I hate people who scam other :/ They should seriously feel guilt or what. :/

    Cool tip! I never thought of using hairspray! :) It isn't irritating for the skin?

  11. Sorry to hear it didn't work out :( But at least you had an eventful day xD And you look so pretty! :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  12. OMGOSH! That restaurant you went to belongs to one of the Beverly Hills Housewives. Have you heard of the show the Housewives of Beverly Hills? If not you should really checked that out! That's so awesome I am soooo jealous ><

  13. Woww, the restaurants look absolutely gorgeous and glamorous. :o

    Most of those casting calls and talent searches agencies are one huge scam. They'll charge some ridiculous amount for photoshoots and such. I get spam emails of it all the time included random phonecalls and voicemails. -_- I couldn't tell you which ones are legit because I don't have any experience in that area, but just be careful and aware of it in the future.

    Your makeup looks nice. :D Surprised it stayed that way for the whole day.

  14. Aww thank you!! yeah the food was so yummy *__* <3

  15. I knowww grrr D:< Karma gets everyone :D. I know the only good thing was the food, but it was good so yay ! XD

  16. I knowww I hate scams D:, they become rich stealing someone hard earned money ;__; wahh, but didn't steal mine ho ho! XD.
    Try it! but close your eyes really well, it works wonders!!!

  17. XDD hahah I know hair spray is awesome hahahaha. Thank you :D

  18. you should visit they have fancy stores o__o and restaurants.!!!

  19. I know, specially if that people have a dream and the bad guys use it to trick them D:<!! grrrrr. She was sad ):, but now she is ok since she didn't waste her money :D!

  20. Yes It wass *___*! nom nomz, want to go there again XD.
    Eyelash glue! never heard of it, I will try it someday :D, guys must thing we are super weird applying hair spray and glue over our face lol hahahaha XDDDD

  21. Thank you so much! yeah Karma will get them soon. If you do bad things, bad stuff happens to you o___o. Provably that's why I love Karma cause I don't have to worry about bad people, they will get what they deserve! :D

  22. sii era demasiada.. la pedi para llevar porque no me la acabe XDDDDDDDD. Sii!!! debes de provarlo hace maravillas o__o <3! solo que no te caiga en los ojos o te arderan horrible XD, asi que cierralos bien y cierra la boca tambien XDDDDD!

  23. I know D: stealing people's money is not nice ... they should go to jail -___- grrr!.
    It doesn't irritate my skin and I haven't heard anyone having irritated skin because of it.. so I don't think it does, since it sits in top of your make up and seals it. you should try it someday in a small area of your face If you have delicate skin :) and see what happens ! <3

  24. Yeah I watch that show XDD but didn't know it was that restaurant until I went in and saw the pick of the British housewife XDDDDDD. And then I saw her daughter (Pandora) walk in lol. They service is really nice and the food too, also the prices are not that bad :D!. The restaurant looks bigger on tv XDDDDDD hahaha

  25. Yes it is it's suppossed to be the "sexiest restaurant in Beverly Hills" XD hahaha.
    I know stupid scams ;____;, yeah we'll be more careful next time, but they tricked us into thinking it was an audition to be in a tv program!! oh well at least now we know ^_^, and thanks for telling me :D!
    Thank you, the power of hair spray o__o <3

  26. I will try it most definitely! :)
    I agree. But if not, they will just be hit by karma. :( People who steal people's money and trick other people don't deserve to be treated justly.