Thursday, May 2, 2013

Micro Fiber Double eyelid tape Review!

Hello Everyone!
Since I made my last  Gyaru eye makeup tutorial a lot of people have been
asking about the Double eyelid tape I use. Well basically the double eyelid tape gives you a double eyelid lol, but some people use it to even out their eyelids, cause sometimes one is higher than the other one, or to make their eyelids higher!! In my case I use it to make my eyelids higher :D!! The brand I use in Micro Fiber, I bought it at the local Japanese store, but you can also get it on ebay. I use the CLEAR one.

Here is an image of how it looks!:
(omgg my circle lenses look soo cool *¬*)

Application ★★☆☆☆- Not too easy to apply, I usually have to try 2 times to get it right :/, but I guess I need more practice!!
Durability-★★★★★- You can wear it the whole day and it won't come off, my eyelids are kind of oily so I guess is good even if you have oily eyelids.
Comfort ★★★★☆-It feels kind of weird @__@!! but it's not something you can't tolerate or really uncomfortable. 
Overall ★★★☆☆-Works well if you can apply it right xD! the only con is that it looks kind of weird with eyeshadow :/, so if you want to apply some, you have to do it under the eyelid. You can also apply eyeshadow over it but it looks weird and the tape becomes more noticeable when you close your eye.

**Remember- You have to apply it over CLEAN skin, that means you
 can't have any makeup or primer.

This is what the package comes with:
•105 tape thingies
•1 little scissors
•1 thing to push the tape and see where you want the eyelid to be.
(I apologize for calling everything "thingy" >//<, but I don't know the correct names XD)

It's hard to explain how to apply it so watch my makeup tutorial xD!

Oh well, that's it for today ^___^!
Bye bye!!


  1. I use this too! :) i apply double eyelid glue first before I put the tape to make it last longer and to prevent wasting the tape <3 hope this helps!

  2. I was planning on getting some too to try it out! Many gyaru models use it and it's much easier to achieve their look by using it! Thanks for reviewing ^^

  3. I agree.. eyelid fibers are really hard to apply :/ I've used this brand and AB Mezical before

  4. I actually use eyelid tape to even out my eyelids! It's such a pain in the ass to use it... Pero ahora mismo estoy usando unas tipo sticker, las de tipo glue me dan un poco de desconfianza, y si dices que las de fibra son difícil de poner, con lo torpe que soy, seguiré con las stickers de momento xD

  5. I have the same type of eyelids as you. You can barely see my eyelids with makeup on and one is higher than the other. I've thought about using mivrofiber tape rather than the regular stick on eyelid tape so I may give this a try. Thanks for the review!

  6. What are these lenses? They're super cute! And the eyelid tape looks great on you :)

  7. I want to try the eyelid glue!!! Thank you so much for tip :D!

  8. Your welcomeee dearr ^3^!! <3

  9. Yeahhh It takes forever to get it right -___-U..grrr..
    Aww thank youu sooo muchhh it means a lot since you are one of my favorite bloggerss!!! <3

  10. I knowwww!!! yo me tardo milenios tratando de ponermelas ¬¬U..grrr!!

  11. Aww you're welcomee Lolo!! ^0^!

  12. these are the Vassen Vanila Shake Greay! I have a review on them on my blog under the tag Review ^__^!!

  13. Oh yeah, that review! :3
    Okay, it looks like those tapes pretty much work. I used eyelid glue once but it didn't have any effect on me. lol :/ Maybe I should try tape?
    And what lenses do you wear? They're beautiful! ♥

  14. Como consigo el nombre estilo gyaru

  15. Hello, I live in San Diego and am having trouble finding the eyelid tape,where do they sell it here? Thank you!