Monday, November 12, 2012

My weekend!!! *0*!

Hello everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend ^___^!!
On Friday was Courtney's bday partyyy!!
I arrived a earlier and I didn't know many people there so I was smoking hookah with random people until Rosie arrived XD. We tried to dance for a little bit, but people were lame and didn't want to dance ¬¬U...oh well we had fun!!!

We decided to leave the party around 12am and went to Rosie's place to chill xD!, we were talking about gal stuff with her boyfriend and other friend, I think is pretty cool that her boyfriend likes gyaru!!!!!
Oh well at 1am we got hungry so we went to a Mexican Place xD! Rosie ordered a Carne Asada torta and I got Carne Asada Chips!! omggg they were soooo freakingggg goooodddd *¬*!!

Since it was too late I spent the night at Rosie's XDD! we were all so tired ><U..
She let me borrow super cute Hello Kitty pajamas *__*!! yayy!!! So cuteee and warm! <3

The next day we went to a Ramen place, but it was grooossss! omgg D:< we were all so mad
Never going back to that place T__T!..To feel better about our bad ramen experience we went to the Japanese market to buy makeup! *v*8!!!
xDDDD we spend over $140 on this @___@!!! omggg.

After that we went to the mall and bought Fancy hats XD!!!!!
We also bought stuff at Victoria's secret and  got a purse at forever 21*__* <3

I had fun haging out with Rosie on the weekend!I'm so glad we don't live too far from each other *__*<3  Also having a gal pal comes in handy when you are not prepare to spend the night over lol! I didn't bring any makeup with me cause it didn't fit in my miniature purse XD.  So I used hers and everything turned out gooddd ^0^!!! yay!!
That's it for today
Bye bye!!


  1. Sounds great ^^ you both look gorgeous! And the food omg! Looks awesome!

  2. sus pijamas de HK!!!!!!!!!!! me encantan son el duo dinamico XD haha

  3. Guuurl that outfit in the first pic is FIERCE! love love LOVE the shoes<3 And the HK pj' want!

  4. Oohhh your shoes are nice! I like the hats and what was so bad about the ramen place?! Huh!? And you both look cute in your matching pjs! wah! so cute!

  5. Can you like, come to the Netherlands and chill with me.
    Everytime i see you *gyaru's * hanging out haha i'm so jealous i feel like i'm the only one here in this shitty town who wears circle lenses and who is into all that kawaii girly gyaru stuff -__- i miss a gang hahaha.

    But again you are looking so cute and pretty! Love the things you've bought! And the hats, and your shoes waauw and the pjamas! Haha i'm a huge hello kitty fan, i even have a tattoo of her hihi, i still wanna buy a HK kigurumi like you have yeah fml lets switch a day .. hahah

  6. You guys are so beautiful! And i looove your shoes *0*

  7. *___________* Maaaaaaadre mia que pasada de compras!!! Y que guapas estais Rosie y tú <3 ;O;

  8. tan lindas como siempre*W*, yo muero por una torta y unos tacos u.u

  9. Thank youuu!! I really love them, they are comfy and spiky *_*!

  10. awww tu y Rosie soys perfectas!! que envidia de pelo, make up y todoooo!! hasta en pijama desprendeis glamour♡♡♡

  11. soy Hiki, que no te puedo firmar dsd mi blog ;A;

  12. thank youuu!!
    It didn't taste like anything T__T is was like eating oily water ¬¬U grrrrr... and the meat didn't have any flavor Dx!! sooo bad T__T!

  13. Aww I would love to gooo!! but I'm too poor >.>!! There are plenty of gals in the Netherlands!! like Jojo or all the gals from Hyper :D !!! you should contact them!! they seem like an active community ^__^!!

    Thank you soo much *__* yeah Hello kitty is loveeeeeee!! <3 omgg a tattoo!? soo cool *_________*!!! where??

  14. Thank youuuuu *__* they are sooo cute and confyy! <3

  15. Graciassss Guapaaaaa T__T!! <3 que alago vieniendo de ti!!!

  16. xDDDD la comida Mexicana es lo mejor *¬*!!!

  17. awwww muchas gracias!! ojala fuera xDD!! hahah!! Tu no tienes nada que envidiarrr, si el cabello lo traes hermosooo!!!
    Me pasarea tu blog a stalkear xDDDDDDD!!!
    ..... se ve que estas dandote la buena vida!!.. te comento halla!!! XD <3

  18. Eres fea de cojones bajo toda esa mierda de maquillaje, una puta sudaca más con cara de india sucia y negra. Lávate esa cara de mono y ve a chupársela a algún desgraciado.

  19. Ahh :( haha when you have the money, stop by okay hahaha we gonna have a hello kitty parteehhh woop woop.

    Yeah haah well Jojo is the only dutch girl i saw hihi. But the problem is that i cant go to meeting and stuff cause i suffer panic attacks very often when i'm in big places and meeting new people -.- But i will check it out thanks ^^

    I have it on my wrist :D. I love Hello Kitty, my room is kitty kitty kitty kitty i always say; You are never too old for hello kitty.