Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life updates :D!!

Hello everyone!! Sorry I haven't blog in a while ;__; I'm super busy with school and work!
And I'm going to be even busier this October T0T!!
Oh well here is a small update of my life.
I'm finally in my dream college studying 3D animation, I'm so happy cause I'm learning a lot. Right now I need to get another A.A in graphic design cause some of the classes from my last school didn't transfer :/, but after I get it I can start the Media Arts program and will provably be getting my Bachelor's in 2 years!!  Ok now updates:

1-I tried a "Happie Nuts" inspired look XD!

2-I went to Kathy's bday loooong time ago XD! I had so much fun eating her delicious food!
We also had karaoke and I went crazy as always, I love karaoke soo much *__*<3<3!!
Here is a pic taken from Christine ^0^!!

3-Last weekend I went to L.A! We went to an event called Garden and it was super fun!
I was happy I was able to get to know Victoria and Dani more!! Victoria is such a sweetheart and Dani is like the hottest person I know xD sadly I don't have any pics with them ;__;!! At night Michi met up with us at Victoria's house and at 11pm we headed up to the club where we met with Steph! We danced a lot!! One of the Dj's was an 姉 AGEHA model! At 3am we went back to Victoria's house and chilled!! The next day Victoria and I went to Little Tokyo and ate Ramen *0*! I always love eating ramen after a long night xP, the decorations of the restaurant were super random, it had a grandfather's clock, an old TV some weird images etc XD!
Here is a pic taken from Michi :D!

4-I already blogged about Disneyland xD but I wanted to post this pic Gabby edited, it's so sparkly xD! Oh yeah and after disneyland we went to our favorite restaurant! when Gabby and I went to College together we would go there after P.E class xD!!

That's it for today
It will provably be a while until I blog again ;__;!!
Sorry :(, but I'm really busy!
That's it for today
Bye bye!


  1. this kind of make-up suits you really, really well!!!

  2. te ves muy diferente con el look estilo Happy Nuts, pero te queda realmente bien !!

  3. Hello!

    I hope my question doesn't come strange, can I ask you which top and bottom lashes you wear in the GAL VIP magazine on page 21+22?

    They look so pretty ^-^

    Thank you very much, Miuko

  4. you look really good in oneegyaru make up! keep it up :D

  5. Que linda!

    Saludos desde Venezuela *-*

  6. super cute your smile
    happy week end

  7. looks so great with the nuts style

  8. te ves hermosa en la primera foto. Felicidades! por fin estas estudiando lo ue mas te apasiona. BESOS!!

  9. I am happy you blogged a little. You are pretty as always *__*

    I really wish you luck with your exams and that you reach everything you want! Please take care of yourself :D

  10. That's a very nice look on you! :) Hope you will like it at your new university!

  11. Ohmy so gorgeous Nino~! Did you get the chance to meet Sayaka Araki? D: I would ask for her autograph, if I were able to go. lol. ;3;

  12. I love your first pic! You should try oneegyaru style, you remind me of Sayoko! :O

  13. Hi Miuko! Sorry for the super late reply xP!
    Page 21-Upper-Diamond Lash angel eye, Bottom-Diamond Lash Princess eye!
    Page 22-Decorative eyelash Play Sexy#1 and my natural lower lashes with mascara :D!

  14. Muchas gracias! si estoy super feliz *w* <3!

  15. Thank you so much! I'll blog more often xDD! hahahha!!

  16. Thank youu Kimi!
    Yess we did!! in the bathroom for few minutes XD hahahha!!!

  17. omgg *__* I love her so much! Yes I'll try it more often!!
    Thank youu soo muchhh!

  18. Aww thank you very much, you helped me a lot! :)