Friday, March 16, 2012

Questions about me XD!

Tirin and  Rebecca tagged me to answer this XD!, check out their blogs they are both gorgeous and I really look up to them!! :)

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag
Me mad XD (old pic)


1-I love almost all kinds of food!! except peanut butter and peas ><
2-I'm going to be a 3-d animator
3-I'm scared of unleashed dogs and humans
4-I am a dreamer!!
5-I have a younger sister and I love her to death!!
6-I'm super honest -__-, so I tend to hurt people's feelings
7-I think my voice is annoying.
8-I can't hear really well :/
9-I have the worst memory ever!! D:
10-I cry when I get superr madddd!! D:<
11-Fav foods-Mexican, Japanese, Italian *__*

1. If you could choose a country that you would have been born in, what country would it be?
-Provably England XD, I love their accent!

2. You are going to a desert island, alone, for a week, and you get to bring one personal item. What do you bring?
-My blanket :D!!

3. What's your favorite candy/snack?
-Panda cookies *__*

4. If you had to choose one sense to lose for the rest of your life, which would it be?
-The sense of touch XDD

5. What do you like most about yourself?
-My creativity :)

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
-In a big house in Los Angeles, I'll have a Porsche, a pomeranian and hopefully by then I'll be married

7. If you had to choose between facing your biggest fear for 30min or letting your closest friend/bf/gf/family member facing their biggest fear for 40min, which would you choose?
-My biggest fear are humans... I deal with them everyday, so It wouldn't be hard XDD

8. What is your favorite childhood memory?
-Staying late at night with my sister and mom waiting for my dad to come home from work, cause he would always bring us yummy food (Pizza, Tacos, French fries, hamburgers XD)!

9. If you could undergo plastic surgery, for free, with no complications, would you do it (and what would you fix?)?
-OMG!! I would get a nose job!! I hate my nose it's broken and ugly -__-.. But I'm getting one this May!!!! *m* omg omg!

10. What is your weirdest nickname?
-Ninoshka Shashenka Marel XDDDDDDD!!!

11. If you could change just one thing about your life, what would you change?
-Have better memory ;__; so I could remember everything


1.What are your favorite colours?
2.If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?
3.What's your best childhood memory?
4.If you could marry anyone, who would you pick?
5.Do you ever want to have kids? If yes boy or girl?
6.What are your thoughts on Karma?
7.If you could change any body part of your body, what would you change?
8.If you could time travel, which period would you like going to?
9.If you had superpowers, would you be the hero or villain?
10.Favorite food?
11.If you win the lottery tomorrow, what would you do??

And I give these questions to the following bloggers XD:



That's it for today :) !!
Bye bye and thanks for reading XD!


  1. Wow,I think being 3D animator is cool!!
    I used to want to be like that when I was young XD

    I really love your last pic!! ^ ^

  2. Clarissa IturriosMarch 17, 2012 at 6:20 AM

    *--* wooo que genial! gracias por el tag nino! >:3 lo voy a hacer en el siguiente post

  3. thank you for tagging me, but my url is not , it's twinnie, lol

  4. XD You are so cute~ Don't worry hopefully you will have your own little crazy pom soon ^_^.

  5. Great post. I love reading tags :) And I would get a nose job too! I hate my nose, but you have a wonderful nose :) You're so pretty.

    I love the lil' facts about yourself ^^

  7. :O When i was reading your facts, i thought it was talking about me ^^ hehe~

  8. Don't get a nose job! I think your nose is really cute :3

  9. your nose doesn't look bad at all! :O

  10. WOW! Eres una monada dear!
    Estoy en desacuerdo contigo! Tu voz es super adorable! Muy dolly, me encanta oirla en los videos XD Ser soñadora es muy bonito, lo unico que a veces te haces demasiadas perspectivas muy bonitas que no se hacen realidad (Ami me pasa,jo T_T)
    Y pienso que ser honesta es realmente una gran virud (que hoy en dia escasea mucho), a pesar de que pueda dañar a gente, yo pienso que siempre es mejor que dañarlos a largo plazo >.<
    Genial! Me encanta! Eles un amor!
    Parece muy divertido!! Gracias por la nominacion!! Subire mi entrada pronto!! Muchos besitos cariño!! (K)

  11. aww really!!! how cool!! can't wait to be one and create awesome stuff XD <3

  12. genialll!! :D!! ya quiero leer tus respuestas!

  13. haha XD thanks for the correction twinnie!! <3

  14. yess I hope sooo!! I think I'm close to convincing my mom... or maybe she is getting tired of me asking for one everyday XDDDD! hahaha

  15. Aww thank you!!! I think your nose is pretty XD, maybe there's nothing wrong with our noses, but we just don't like to look at them everyday and realize they aren't as we want them to be XDDD!!! <3

  16. Aww thank you Lizzie!! yeah for some reason I always wanted to live in England and be British lol!! hahahaha! hopefully I can go visit one day :)!!

  17. aww really!!? omg we have so much stuff in common!! hahaha

  18. my nose is broken, so I think I would have to get it done sooner or later cause it hurts when I touch it ):. But thank you for thinking my nose is cute ;__; <3 I really appreciate it <3

  19. It has a bump D: It's only noticeable when you see me from the side >//< ! XDD!

  20. Lol nice keep it up XD I'm sure she will give in. My mom give in after we went to the breeder's place and she saw my baby ♥ and so did my dad

  21. enserioo XDD?? eres la primer persona que piensa que tengo voz adorable!! *m*, incluso mi hermana piensa que mi voz es annoying XDDD!! hhahaha! Y si se a lo que te refieres con ser soñador ):, hace que me desilucione mas facil ;__;! pero ya que -___-... wahhh T__T!. Pero si yo prefiero ser honesta y herir a alguien a ser una mentirosa y pretender que todo esta bien XDDD!.
    Gracias Natt!! ya quiero ver tu entrada y leer tus respuestas :)!! <3 cuidate mucho guapa!

  22. yeahh I been showing her videos and she is starting to fall in love with poms o__o. everything is going according to plan, *evil laugh* XD!
    Great idea I should take my parents to the breeder's place XD, I'm sure they won't be able resist super cute puppies >///< <3

  23. Lol yay and No they wont they will melt all over

  24. Aww thanks for tagging me~! I love how you're always so energetic when you write, haha! I hateee my voice too!!! It's so annoying how our voices don't seem to match our looks!!!

  25. hahaha cosas curiosas de nino! LOVE IT! gracias por el taaaaaaaaaaag ok ok ok mi proximo post sera este! :D love u nino

  26. XDD haha!! good I look like an energetic writer o__o!! <3 I knowww, I wish there was like a voice surgery or something D:!!!! now I'm curious to hear your voice XDDDD! I imagine you with a sweet voice haha!<3

  27. XDDhahaha en especial mi super apodo extranio! si Mikita hermoza ya sabes que yo tambien te amoro :) <3!

  28. LOLL voice surgery, it sounds scary!! If the surgeon made one mistake, he's practically slitting your throat while you sleep! T_TTTTT

    Haha, you're too much~ I think my voice sounds like a stupid child's voice >.< You look like you would have a very sweet voice! But very energetic at the same time :D

  29. Daniela Benitez ValadezJanuary 31, 2013 at 8:50 PM

    Oww NIno