Monday, August 15, 2011

Picture and school time! :D

Hello everyone!!! Hope all of you are doing well! Today I started school again -__-, I had to wake up at 5:30am...and I'll have to wake up super early from Monday to Thursday, lameeee!! ashgr.. I love to sleep ):. This was my old routine: Go to sleep at 12am, wake up at 11am XDD.. But now I'll have to go to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 5:30am T__T wahhhh!
**Stupid story time!!:, I forgot my class schedule at home XDD, I was pissed!! I didn't remember in what room my classes were at, or what classes was I supposed to take XDD ashgr ):, so smart.. So, I had to grab a class schedule thingy and try to figured out my classes, luckily I went to the correct classes yay! I was late for the first one XD.. but I said that I got lost LOL.
Now pic time! I took these pics with my mom the other day, for some reason I like the weird lighting effect they have XD ♡♡

(Me and my mommy!♡)
(Me doing a weird pose XD)
(Super bright!!!*0*)
(I don't know LOL, but I will call it, Trying to hide my cheekbones XD)


Since I'm taking tennis, I went to the mall to buy stuff for the class and end up buying hello kitty slippers and other random stuff XD, I'll post about it sometime this week ♡♡
And for all of you that started school, be happy, eat healthy, drink water and don't forget your class schedule XDD!!!


  1. Hi! Nice head accesarry! I reckon white-ish light blue color would also match with you well! ;) I blog current Japanese beauty secrets and rank it, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  2. your sooo cute :D :Ove your outfit and hairstyle *w*

    xoxo emimarie

  3. Aww, so cute! I love the pix with your mom~ You lovely with the white dress, I'm loving the bow~ and the headband is really cute! :) Good luck at school, and hope everything turns out as you wish. :D Cya~

  4. Your hair is amazing and you look great!

  5. In Russia school will begin only on the 1st of September)
    pix are super cute ^^

  6. At first! You look so sweet! <3 And your mum is also very beautiful!
    Eww~ I hate to stand up that early >.< I wish you much fun and success for the new school year! =3

  7. wow, you look so amszing <3<3 Woooooow <3<3.
    I will follow you now <3<3 I love your blog ^----^

  8. Noo, don't hide your cheek bones! They're so cute. :3

  9. You are very pretty girl!
    Love your style and hair :)


  10. you look amazing!
    i really love your hair and your cheek bones are totally cute :3 super pretty!

  11. Love your hair and you look super cute^^ <3 <3 Will definetly follow you! Lovely blog <3 <3 <3

  12. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! And I'll make sure to have a good semester at school XD I hope.. :/ cause there are some weird mean little girls XD. And tnanks for reading my blog! :D <3 It makes me feel special T^T <3 <3 hahaha love you all!

  13. you're so cute <3 adore your style <3

  14. Really cute ! Wow you're starting school really early ! Here in France, everybody starts school the first week of september ><