Saturday, August 13, 2011

My pretty sistah and her new circle lenses!♡

Hello everyone!! :D I hope you are having fun  since it's Saturday XD, I'm obviously home T__T. But I'm on skype talking with a good friend ♡ so I'm having fun haha. So, Do you remember the Geo Bambi Chocolate (Princess Mimi) review I made 5 days ago? If not then click Here.  
Well, the point is that I thought they look horrible on me!,  they made my eyes look red and evil XD, so I decided I would never wear them again!. But yesterday while looking at some pics my sister said "I wanna see how I look with circle lenses", so I was like "Uh! I have an extra pair! try it on and If you like them, then I'll give them to you". So she tried them on and we both thought she look really cute XD (jealous mode on T__T).  
This is how she looks with them!
So pretty!! hahaha **By the way do not accept used circle lenses from strangers XD it's antigenic. She is going to wear them tonight for a party! haha her husband liked them so much that he didn't want to let her wear them to the party, since he is not going hahaha. Oh well, since I'm talking about my sister, I'll post some pics of us ♡♡♡♡
(In Vegas!!)
(With our toys XD, we were spoiled brats XDDD hahaha)
(I'm the big one XD, yeah my hair used to be curly :$, haha we were so cute!)

Oh well, I go back to school on Monday -__- lazyyyyy!! 

Have a nice day, be happy  and thanks for reading my blog :) ♡


  1. You both you really pretty!
    The circle lenses look nice on her!

  2. Thank you for following me!
    im so happy!
    I follow you now too~
    you have a nice blog and also you look so cute!
    i love your hair and make up♥
    i cant wait for a new blog entry :)

    have a nice day~

  3. You and your sister are both so pretty and stylish :D and i love your baby picture <3 so cute ^^

  4. I think your sister look sooo adorable and cuteee <3 <3

  5. aww you two are really adorable <3
    love the baby pics! * .*


  6. OMG CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I liked!!! ;3; pretty!!

  7. You have a cute and nice blog!1 your pictures are wonderful God Bless you!!


  8. Oh wow the circle lenses look so natural on her :O I'm jealous. And you were really cute as kids XD