Friday, September 7, 2012

GAL VIP magazine preview! xD!

Hello everyone!! I'm so sorry I haven't blog in a long time TmT I been super busy with Gal VIP magazine! we are all doing a lot of work since the first issue is going to be released this Monday!!!
here is the official facebook event page please join ^__^ we have a special surprise for everyone in the first issue! So Exciting!

Oh well I been doing model layouts XD!! mine are so pink *0*! plus all the models look soo good *¬* omggggg!! I love gaijin gyaru!

here is a little pixelated preview of one of my pages XDD hahha!
I'm really excited and nervous for Monday >0< omg!
and here is a random pic of Elly and me xD:

Oh well that's it for today !
Bye bye!!!


  1. Why would you do this to me! *flips table* I wanna know what they look like XD You both look adorable! Your skin is so smooth Nino<3

  2. I'm so excited! Can't wait for the magazine to be out! :D

  3. yeahhh you'll see it mondayyy! it's looking super awesome *__*! <3

  4. hahahah! Lolo!! you'll see moday *____*, but they are all super upper cuteee and sparkly XD! hahaha! like Ageha! I knowww Elly's camera is amazinggggg! xDD makes everyone look good <3

  5. yeahh me neitherrrr *___* seriously looks really good <3 awww! I'll let everyone know here once is out! <3