Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sushi + random stuff XD!

Hello everyone!!! Yesterday I went to the mall and bought lots of leopard stuff at forever 21 and ate sushi *¬* <3 nom nomz
This is seriously the best sushi in SD XD! I been addicted to it since I was 18 lol! soo good!

This is the Play Boy roll! it has lots of cream-cheese, avocado, salmon, shrimp and cucumber *¬* so good!!

And this is the Geisha Roll! is sweet and fried *__*!
and it also has lots of cream-cheese XD!

Today the neighbors were having a garage sale XD and my mom bought this cute hat for me! the neighbors were really happy we bought it instead of a stranger, cause this hat belonged to her grandma, they want to see me wear it hahaha XDD!
I love itttt *0*! can't wait for winter!

Lately I been inspired by Sayoko Ozaki,  so yesterday I decided to try a makeup inspired by her xD
I feel I look super weird @__@U I don't know...

Oh well, this was my outfit XD

That's it for today ^0^
 bye bye!


  1. Love that hat !! It's so cutee ! :D

  2. That sushi looks omnomnom delicious!! And that hat is so super pretty!

  3. Cute outfit! (*´ω`*)
    Omg, you're so pretty (*^ ◡^*)!
    Yuuuum, dat sushi ~ ~

  4. THAT HAT <3 Aaah I can't wait to wear mine for winter tehe~

  5. The fur hat is unbelievably cute! I have one too that I love :D I like your lipstick a lot, what brand/color is it? :)

  6. That sushi looks so good. NOM! and I think the makeup looks lovely on you<3 it really flatters your eyeshape.

  7. Thanks so much for your comment! I'm sorry but I am so late to write a comment back...But i hope you like my comment! If you want please check out my new post! Its about my boyfriends visit in Germany!♥
    There are also more news :) I would be happy if you check it out ! THANKS

    wooow the sushi looks really goood (*o*) you made me hungry now (><) but i have to go to the .....mhh teeth doctor, dentist(?) today so i dont want to eat so much today XD
    you look so lovely ;_; your make up skills are amazing! and your haiiir <3 can i ask you, is it real or extensions (*-*) if its real im so so jealouuuuus (;o;)
    the ozaki inspired make up matches you! maybe you just have to get used to it (^^)

    and i didnt go to japan yet cause of my job :( but next week i can go there :) take care darling! <3

  8. This hat is the bomb! *__* I'm jealous!

  9. I knoww right!? can't wait to wear it *__*!

  10. Thank youu!!. I knoww I love sushi so muchh! <3

  11. I knoww I want winter already!!! xD I'm going to look so fancy with my hat XD! <3 haha

  12. Aww thank you!! haha the lipstick is a bunch of random combinations of pencil liner with other 2 lipsticks xP... I don't remember how I made that colour ;__; sorry!

  13. Aww really! ? I thought I look so weird @__@ like an alien hahah XDDD!!! thank you Lolo!! <3

  14. hahah don't worry, sometimes I take forever to reply too ;___;! busy life XD! Yeah I already read your post *-*! Germany is soo pretty!!
    haha my hair is all extensions xD, wish it was natural ;___; wahhh! my hair never grows so mad lol! Oh well can't wait for your future posts about Japan!! so excitingggg! <3 take care and post pictures about your trip there when you go *0*!!! have a safe trip dear :D <3