Saturday, September 29, 2012

Downtonw SD+ I'm a WaCow charming girl!

Hello everyone!! The other day I went out with Christina ^0^! 
we went to a Hookah place in Downtown San Diego!
We had gelato (Italian ice-cream *¬*) and hookah lol!. We were there for hrs! and Christina tried to teach me cool hookah tricks! But I'm a fail ;___;..
 need more practice o___o! We had blue something flavor (forgot the name) after that we walk around Downtown San Diego!!

omg!! it took us forever to get a descent pic, I closed my eyes in most of them ;___; I don't know why, but that's been happening to me a lot lately -____-U
Funny face xD
(eww my black roots are showing ><... don't worry I already re-touched them :'3)

My outfit, I ended up leaving my shirt out cause it was hot @__@
I had a good time chilling with Christina! we have so much stuff in common, can't wait to see her again soon :D!

And omg xD! Elly just posted this:
Yepp! that's all of us (Cindy, Stephanie, Michi, Kayo, Elly, Tricia and I) in a Chinese magazine called Wacow haha! We are charming girls ^0^8! so cute <3

That's it for today!! 
Bye bye!!


  1. you look so cute! Love the lens on you..very suiting! And pretty cool to get featured :D

  2. oh girl, tell me ur secret y r u so cute? ;Ä;

  3. Oh i am happy for you beeing featured in a mag! So cool~~~ <3

  4. So cute that you're featured in this magazine.
    Pretty pictures <3


  5. you look so good in here, but maybe that`s just because i ador black clothes! XD

  6. I think you look a bit different from usual but in a good way :D

  7. That's so cool, being in another country's magazine :)
    I love your shorts by the way! Where did you get them? :D

  8. aww lots of makeup hahah!! but you are also supah cute Denise *3*!! you already know the secret ;D!

  9. Thank youuu!! I'm excited too xDD! specially cause my friends were featured too! haha!

  10. Thank you!! awwww!! I knoww I love black clothes too *___*!! <3

  11. aww yeahhh! I wore a different kind of make up XDD more "mature" lol!! haha!

  12. Thank youuu! I got them at the mall at a store called Love culture :D!

  13. nice!

    just followed your blog, hope u could follow mine. xx

  14. Congrats on being featured in the magazine. This eye makeup looks really nice on you too btw :D