Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Geo Super Size Angel Green review!

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all doing well :D!! The other day I bought the Geo Super Size Angel Green!!, I also have them in Blue and they are my favorite so far!!

Quick info:
Water content:38%
 Life span: 1 year disposal 

With Flash
Without Flash
Natural Light

I'm giving these 5/5 I love the colour, enlargement effect, and they are super comfy (once I wore the blue ones for 11 hours lol, without any eye drops XDDD) *__*!!

 I also got a "Flying cat" (gato volador :3)
 It has wingsssssss, omg so cute haha! XDDDD!
That's it for today!!!
bye bye!! :D


  1. cute color! I have the same DreamV OP. Let's be twins XD <3

  2. awww so that's the correct name :D, I always call it "hoodie dress" XDDDDDDDD I suck at naming clothes ;__;!! but yeahhh lets be twinsssssss :D <3

  3. Kawaiiiiii <3

  4. Love the lenses! So vibrant! xD

  5. Pero que guapa! que sepas que te quedan estupendas esas lens! perfect!
    besotes preciosa!

  6. That's really nice!!
    I'm still waiting for my green lens to arrive but yesterday I got some of the lens I've ordered already.

    I might do some review also if I'm not too lazy XD

  7. Si no tuviera los ojos claros podría comprarme lentillas de todo tipo jo! Aunque he aprendido a querer los míos :3

  8. Necesito unas circle nuevas !!

  9. *^* Que monadaaaa las lenses! Precisamente estaba pensando si las super size eran comodas!
    El color es realmente notable! Me enchantan!! *^* Yo de las verdes estaba entre estas y las "mimi green apple" ... Como no me decidia compre solo las chocolate >o< juumxDDDD
    Pero ya adquirire las verdes! UAJAJAJAAXXDDDD
    Muy muapa en las fotos y tu gato volador es el mas mejol! jajajaa
    Besazos muapa!

  10. Green looks amazing on you Nina :-D I think they're my favorite on you! AND THE FLYING CAT! Hahha. So cute <3


  11. Ayy, las lentillas verdes son mi debilidaaad!
    Yo tengo unas, pero eran para un cosplay y son muy artificiales. Pero jo, las tuyas hacen un efecto dolly preciosooo!! *____* ♥♥♥

  12. Asadlskdfnjklsjdnfas~! ;O; me encantan esas lentillaas!! Y con tu maquillaje se ven preciosas *O* que envidia!!

    jajajaja que mono el gatito cn alas~!!

  13. They look so nice! I'm almost tempted to get a pair myself. My friend had a pair that broke in her eye, so I've been a bit terrified of contacts, but you seriously rock them!

  14. These lenses really matches you! You are so cute!
    I love GEO lenses, actually I don't buy another brand anymore. They always have the most comfortable and cute lenses! Also I read the link you shared at Facebook, with a girl talking about Dueba circle lenses which caused her damage to her eyes. I'm really scared! But buying from GEO, I think we have no big trouble with lenses... please take care too~ have a nice weekend!

  15. which eyelash (upper/lower) are you wearing? looks so cute! :3

  16. kirakiramidnightcircusApril 9, 2012 at 8:35 PM

    I have the same lenses in blue and I love them but my eyes feel so dry after only 4 hours and I need re-wetting drops. I think my eyes aren't used to lenses on them. I also switched to a new lens solution that says it's supposed to be extra moisturizing so maybe that will help my eyes too. It's a shame because they're so cute! ;_;

    I think you look best in green! I wonder what you look like with other green lenses on. :3

    The flying cat is so adorable!

  17. I knowww they are super green *_*!

  18. aww yay for green lens!! :D!! can't wait to see them on you *m*! <3

  19. awww a mi me encantan ocmo se ven los ojos claros con CL XD!!!!! siento que se ven mejor XD! <3

  20. sii nunca se puede tener demasiado cl *m*!! <3 hahaha

  21. awww graciasss! si son comodosss! :D! como lo dige una vez los use por 11 hrs ><... y no me molestaron mucho XD!. Yo quiero provar los mimi apple green, siempre que los veo me enamoro!.. pero una vez me compre los chocolate brown y me vi diabolica XD asi que me quede traumada con esa lineaa!. XD! hahah cuidate Natts!

  22. aww really!! > *__* yay!! <33333 I know XD a cat with wings.. when my mom gave it to me I was like "really XD who makes a cat with wings lol??" hahah <3

  23. sii ami me encantan! desde chica quize tener ojos verdes XDD!
    Gracias guapa que bueno que te hallan gustadoo! *0*! <3

  24. aww graciassss linda! XD sii un gato con alas hahahah! <3 me encanto cuando lo vi! ya lo decore *m* (le puse un liston rosa XD)

  25. aww don't be terrified! one contact broke in my eye like 5 years ago XDDD! I was mad D:!!.
    I recommend you GEO since they are really good quality and are safe :), and they have a code that you enter on their webpage to make sure they are original! :D!

  26. aww thankkk youu!
    I knowwww and after what happened to that girl I don't think I'll be buying another brand ever again o__o! so scaryyy!
    so yay GEO for life hahahah <3

  27. Diamond lash princess eye :D! thank you!

  28. I knoww I got them first in blue and loved them soo much so I decided to get them in green too!! :D!
    Aww D: provably your eyes aren't used to lenses, cause mine are comfy... or maybe my eyes aren't dry at all XD cause I never have to use eye drops ><... I use "Complete multipurpose formula" , I hope your new formula makes your eyes feel better :)!!
    I have these http://i43.tinypic.com/zy9emg.png but they aren't as vibrant and big as these ones :3 <3

  29. I'm thinking of buying my first pair of contacts soon ^¬^ and I'd love to have green. Found this review and I love how they look :D So I plan on buying them soon X3 tehee Do you have any tips on wearing contacts? I'm slightley scared something will go wrong... I'm a really clumsy person so ^.^"
    p.s You're soo pwetty

  30. xDD sorry for the late reply ><..! Here are some things you have to do if you are getting Circle lens:
    1-When you first get them soak them in "Soft contact lens Solution" for at least 4 hrs, before putting them on!!, since the solution the originally come with it's really strong and can damage your eyes.
    2-Clean them EVERY TIME before using them for at least 8secs with the solution.
    3-Don't wear them more than 8hrs cause it's bad for your eyes
    4-Don't wear them every single day!
    5-When taking them out of your eye clean them and let them soak in solution.
    6-If you are not going to use the circle lens for a long time make sure to change the solution every week.

    I recommend getting GEO 14.5 mm. here are two pages where you can get them pinkyparadise.com and honeycolor.com :)! If you have more questions let me know! :D!