Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yakyudori!! nom nom food! :D

Hello everyoneee!! hope you are all happyy xD! I am, cause yesterday I went to Yakyudori a super yummy Japanese place in San Diego *¬*!!

We order lots of food XD I obviously didn't take pics of each but we ordered like 10 different things, super yummy!!
Fried chicken! nom nomz
My sister and her husband  (he is trying to look like he is drunk) xDD
Takoyaki! I bought frozen Takoyaki the other day, but they obviously don't compare to these ones!
Here is a picture of me trying to smile with my mouth open xDDDD!
 Does it look like I'm really smiling or like a fake smile >.>???
And my outfit :D!!
Seriously what's wrong with the weather, it's 
supposed to be spring already D:<
That's it for todayyy!!
Have a great weekenddd!! :D


  1. That's really nice!!
    10 different things!?
    I've never order that many when I went to restaurant before XD
    I'd love to try it if the dish wasn't expensive XDD

  2. ainsss que buena pinta todo !! mmmmm !!!

    seguro que no lo haces tan mal lo de bailar.

  3. yess cause they give you small portions! :D and each is between $3-$5 so it's not that bad :D! and you get to eat lots of different thingssss!! *__*! haha!

  4. everything looks soooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy~ *q*
    smile makes you cuter ^w^

  5. Omg does this look tasty!! *__* ♥
    And your outfit, so cute! x3'

  6. Very cute outfit! And that food looks amazing! I wish I could go xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  7. Goodness! I love Takoyaki and could eat it all day, which is exactly why I do my best to stay away from it!
    I especially love your hair accessory this time around! Very cute!!

    To me, your open mouth smile looks a little fake, but I think it's because you don't do it often (At least not in most of the pics I've seen so far?) and so it feels a little more strained? It's a great smile though, you should do it more! =)

  8. ¿También hace malo por allí? Porque aquí lleva haciendo malo desde semana santa -O- Por Dios ¡QUIERO SOL YA!

  9. Nice blog!!!
    I just found it!!!

    I made a blog recently too!
    Check it out and follow if you like it!!
    Thank you!

  10. Pero qué guapa eres!!!! Siempre llevas el maquillaje perfecto, no sé cómo te puedes poner las pestañas tan bien xD
    Qué suerte, takoyakis... *_*
    Esa es la hermana a la que gyarulizaste una vez?? En caso de que sí, pensaba que era menor, no imaginaba que tuviera marido!! :O
    Un beso guapi!!

  11. i think your smiling face is super angelic :'D for me it doesn't look fake.

  12. I love that you have such a Japanese inspired style. It makes me feel like I can incorporate it into my look too without looking like a creep! o(^o^)o

    That food looks really Nom-worthy x_x

  13. No sabia que tu hermana estaba casadaaa pero no que era mas chiquita que vos? *confundida*

    Justo antes de ayer tambien fui a un restaurante japones, pero lo nuestro fueron dos platos nada mas...~~

    Se ve todo tan rico..!~~

    Tu foto de cerca... sinceramenteeeee parece medio artificial tu sonrisa jajajaj pero no queda mal, es muy cara de foto hehehe..~~

  14. The Takoyaki seem to good! I loved your blog and your make !
    I'm following you! xoxo

  15. Yummy food i want some!!

    You're beautiful!!

  16. Ohhh, it looks so tasty! Here I am with my teriyaki-flavoured instant noodles haha. :P I really want to try takoyaki, they don't sell it here~

  17. Que vestido tan bonito!!!
    ibas preciosa neni!
    mil besitos wapa

  18. waaah! Cuantísima comida ricaaaa!! :3
    Quiero comida japonesa, quiero comida japonesa!! Aunque hace unos días probé la mejicana y me enamoré! *____________* ♥
    Me encanta tu outfit! Y yo no creo que tu sonrisa se vea como falsa, sales muy bien! ^__^ /

  19. This post is making me so hungry XD I just have to say i really like your eye make-up so much :D I wish i could do my make-up like that x3 Have a great day!

  20. sii todo estaba demasiadoo rico *_*.
    XDDDD hahah enserio no soy muy buena cordinando ni memorisandome los pasos xDDDD! cual es tu secreto Ran!? como te puedes aprender tantas rutinas y recordarlas?? yo apenas me se dos y no me acuerdo muy bien xDDD! mehh!

  21. aww thank youuuu honey *__*! ♡

  22. yeahh it's super yummy! It's the best Japanese place in San Diego ♡♡♡ hahah!!
    Thank you!! :D

  23. If you ever come to San Diego xDD you have to go there hahahahaha!

  24. I know rightt!!? I love it soo much!! and it's really hard to get here in most japanese restaurants! but I'm so happy they sell it there XD ♡ ♡

  25. xDD I know what you mean I bought frozen Takoyaki the other day and ate the whole bag in a day!! ;___; I felt so guilty cause it was supposed to make 5 servings XD fattie!.
    Yeah my mom thinks it looks fake too hahahah!. I'll just practice cause I'm not used to it ><... ♡ ♡♡ take care :D

  26. awww tambien halla!! ashhh la madre natulareza esta loca este año!! D: que le pasa ;__;, ya se va a acabar primavera y nunca hubo sol ni calor!! ><...grrr

  27. jaja graciass, la practica hace al maestroo o__o, aunque como eran nuevas me costo trabajo ponermelas xDD pero les gane y me quedaron o__o muahahaha!.
    haha aun no la gyaruizo, pero le puse un maquillaje inspirado xD! Sii es mas chica y ya esta casada xDDDD! pero yo no me caso hasta que tenga 29 o__o!! quiero disfrutar mi juventud xD aunque sere joven forever hehehehe xD!

  28. really XD? hahah yay!! I'll try to do it more often so I get used to it ><!! Thank you :D ♡♡

  29. aww thank you!! it's called gyaru :D you should look it up! it's really fun and it looks cute! even my mom and family love it, cause it's feminine and it doesn't look scary XDD hahah!

  30. sii es mas chica pero salio rebelde xDDD! hahahahhaah! nah ya tenia mucho tiempo con su novio asi que decidio casarse lol!.
    Nah es que en este te dan platitos! entonces para llenarte debes pedir muuuchoo!! *__* aparte de que esta super yummy *¬* ♡
    sii madre tambien me dijo que me veia artificial xDDDDD! la proxima vez pensare en algo feliz como en comida para sonreir de verdad *_____*!!! xDDDD! haha