Friday, October 14, 2011

EOS Candy Green lenses review and photo shoot preview *0*

Hello everyone!! hope you are all doing fine!! the weather here in California it's crazy!! today I went to the post office and it was hot and sunny in the morning so I wore a summer dress and sandals, but after 1 hour it became super cloudy and windy!! D: wth!?! plus a crazy supeeerrr fat lady was talking to her candy and then called me beautiful wahh ;__; so traumatized!Ok enough of craziness! now onto the review!

Quick info:
Manufacturer: EOS
Water content:38%
Life span: 1 year disposal

Without Flash
With flash

Colour: ★★★★★ - I really like these lenses! they look green and natural!*0* , they also blend in with my natural eye colour so well!!. Even though they have no special design I think they are really pretty!!
Comfortableness: ★★★★★- These are very comfy! In general I think EOS makes super comfy lenses I can wear them for 8 hours without the need of eye drops!! love them!
Enlargement-★★★★★-They do enlarge the eye :D and as I said before 14.5mm is my perfect size!
Overall-★★★★★-Love them!! 

They look dark in the pics, in real life and natural light they look brighter and greener! *0*)
Ok so last week I had a photo shoot with Michael Cabusi XD It was my first photo shoot so I was kind of nervous since I don't know how to pose ;__; .. This is a preview, we took a lot of pictures XDDD. The theme was summer :).

Isn't he (Cabusi) great!?? I don't look as awkward as I thought I would ^0^ yay <3 Can't wait to see how the other pics came out!  I'll post them when I get them! :)
Thanks for reading my blog I really appreciate it! *3*  and thanks to my old an new followers! Love you all!!


  1. Beautiful! I love your outfit.

  2. omg I love these lense! They're perfect! LOL And they look beautiful on you~! How much did you pay for them??

  3. Thank you so much :D! they were $23 :)

  4. her the weather is the same too XD!! i can undestrand you.
    This lense are really cut, i want it in brown**!!!

    tha photo and the autfit are absolute lovely*_*!

  5. You look great on this photo from photoshoot :)

  6. omg that's great!! I'm totally investing in those ones! :P

    oh and for some reason I totally skipped over your shoot x.x but your pic looks great, your outfit is so cute! :) did you get approached about the shoot?

  7. Yay they are really cute *0* <3.
    XD haha you provably skipped it cause you liked the circle lenses a lot haha.
    Thank you, yeah I got approached XDD so I was like "OK :]" .

  8. Aww I hate when the weather is this crazy!! It is hard to wear something appropriate XD. Yeah I was thinking about ordering them in brown but I already have brown ones lol, so I decided to try a new colour :).
    Thank you *3*

  9. Thanks! I really like that pic XD, I'm glad It came out good!

  10. You look really great *_*!!!
    And love the lenses <3

  11. The lenses look great on you!
    Ohh a photo shoot seems like fun xD
    I would feel so awkward though haha

  12. Hi Okashi! I saw your blog in EG. I'm not a part of that community but I like looking at amazing bloggers from there and you totally stand out. You're so pretty ♡ I hope we can be friends. I followed you just now. And I love those lens on you. They kinda look like GEO's sakura series and I love my sakura brown lens <3

  13. Yeah it was kind of fun since I was trying to pose XDD and my sister and the photographer were laughing at me XDDDDDD hahaha. I did some awkward poses LOL. <3

  14. Aww really :D?? thank you, I'm glad to hear that *w*, I'm following you too!, you are also super pretty *3* <3. Nice to meet you :)

  15. Nice to meet you too :3 I hope we can talk some more and stuff ^w^

  16. ..,wow! (^__^)* super NICE BLOG!
    great photography, amazing shots.
    I followed you already (♥__♥)
    HOPE you can check out my blog too =)
    Take care and stay pretty ♥