Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gyaru America Latina TV (GAL tv) *0*

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Hello Everyone!! Some amazing Latin American Gals and I been working in a a new youtube channel called Gyaru America Latina Television (GAL TV) So if you speak or understand Spanish you should definitely SUBSCRIBE!!  haha we will be talking about life, gal stuff and a bunch of other fun/random things XD <3 

Chil - blog
Kokoa - blog
Daniela- blog
Miccah - blog
Valentina - blog

They are all super pretty and nice *0* <3, I'm really glad that I have the opportunity to collaborate in this project with  them  :).  
The first episode will launch October 24th and each one of us will post a video once a week, so yeah that's a total of 24 episodes per month *0*8. The day each one of us is going to appear it's TOP SECRET! so you'll  have to watch If you want to know which day I'll appear XD haha so excited :).  
I want to thank Daniela for doing such an amazing job with the video and the super cute animated gif ^ 
That's it for today! now I need to do homework -__-.
Bye bye! and thanks for reading :)


  1. If I only would understand spanish :/

  2. Unfortunately I don't understand spanish but I love the idea of making a Gal-Show <3
    Good luck with that and have fun! <3

  3. Subscribed :) x I might be moving to Argentina next year to live with my family over there and to learn spanish again. I'm so glad there are latin american gals! otherwise I don't think I could go :P <3 x

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  5. Too bad I don't speak Spanish :(

  6. Aww nice, Chil (one of the girls from GAL-tv) is from Argentina and there are lots of cool Argentinian Gals !! haha <3

  7. Hi AWESOME BLOG!! ><
    i just followed you ;D
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