Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic con 2011

Yesterday I went to comic con, I was exited since I got the tickets on re-sale! (I was lucky haha) and it was going to be my first time attending so yay. I went to 4 panels, one was about how to motivate yourself to achieve your goal,  the 2nd was about 3D animation programs and tricks, and the other 2 were about Anime XD so I got previews and a Sailor Moon poster! so exited they are going to release Codename Salior V!! in 6 weeks I think XD.. I want to get it! is going to be 2 volumes yay!!. I wanted to go to Guillermo Del Toro's panel but the line was hoooorrrible!! so I didn't go. Comic con was crazy! according to local news 120,000 people attended yesterday!!. There was lots of amazing things to see!! and I played  Just Dance 4, but the stupid girl gave the main controller to a 7 year old... so she picked an slow, boring song -__-.. so I didn't have too  much fun :/. Then I bought onion rings and made fun of a guy paying $3.50 for a 24oz water bottle XD loserr!! (I took my own food, but everything was sweet, so I needed something salty). There were a lot of celebrities, but didn't recognize anyone XD.. and stupid twilight cast was there.. ewww I hate them!. I had fun and a free Slurpee! :)

Now, picture time!!:

Me and Kassem G!, His Youtube Channel

Pokemon!! I got a free hat! haha Gotta Catch 'em All
Terminator behind me!! ahh!! XD
Hotter version of He-Man XD
Me and pretty destructive machine! love the bunny!!

Funny sign I found in the Trolley (train) Station XD

Wednesday (a Day before comic con) waiting in line to get my badge :D

Thanks For reading!! :D


  1. Omg, Kassem G!! That's so awesome~

    I wish I could have gone ; ^ ;
    Glad you had a good time~
    You looked so cuuute (as always!)

  2. Awh you look so cuuuute! I really wanna go to a Comic con now lawls :P

  3. whoaa, looks so fun!
    and you look soo cute, I'll be going to a cosplay event tomorrow, soo excited :D

  4. you look great in both outfits and..
    i like your haircolor so much <3

  5. Nice! Hope you had fun at comic con. And i love your outfits especially the last one ^^

  6. Oh for god I am charmed with your trip to the convention awwwwwwww that he envies and you spent it to yourself very well:D many (^o^) makes me happy :) <3 me great taste your blogg here we are following you I wait it is not any inconvenience =) hehehehehehe <3 I am charmed with me okashi-chan> W <and much I please (° O °) / Here has a new friend in his blogg ~

  7. I'M SO JEALOUUSSS! It has been my life long dream to one day attend comic con!! It's like my heaven! Your so lucky. It looks like you had a lot of fun! ^^

  8. @ドリーYou should come to Comic con next year! is only 40 min from your house and you could even take the train to avoid traffic!:D(takes 1 hr)
    @Lizzie ♥-You should come!! and San Diego is really nice too, the weather is awesome! It will be a great/fun vacation for you! :D
    @cominica-ai-Aww I'm sure you are going to look super cute!! Can't wait to see the pics!
    @Nine ♥-Aww you are so sweet, thank you :)
    @Maria May- Thank you so much!
    @Pat Hannibal Cosplay- Thak you, I'm following your blog too! you have really informative articles! :)
    @✿Pinku-Chan✿- Aww, you should come too!! specially since is something you really want to do! Come to SD! I'll show you the cool places haha

  9. The hairpieces suits you sooo well! I really, really like them and the con looks like much fun! Cosplayers are also so much fun! <3

  10. Super kawaii ;)

    I love your black hair accessory!

  11. Oo where is Comic con held? I haven't been to a con for years T_T I used to be a vendor at the one held in Perth :D

    Btw I love your blog, so I'm following!

  12. You look so cute. :] I hope you had a great day!

  13. Chococcuro - It is held in San Diego, California. Thanks for following :)

    lovepirate - Thank you :)

  14. Hello,
    You are very pretty ! I love tour second outfit ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
    Your blog is also sooooo cute

  15. Hi there !
    You went to Comic Con ! ? !
    LUCKY ! XD
    I live in San Diego , too , LOL but I never got the chance to go .

    Oh B.T.W your blog is lovely ! I follow !