Monday, July 11, 2011

Pink is ♡♡♡

As some of you have notice it, I love PINK!!, (the weird fact is that I don't like how it looks on me...XD I never wear pink XD). My goal for this year is re decorate my entire room!! I want new white furniture, pink curtains(got them today XD), a pink comforter, pink rug etc etc.(I would love to paint the walls pastel pink but my mom won't let me T__T). Most of my decorations are already pink!! so I don't have to spend money in that ! :D ♡
I made this thing in my Design class last semester :D, now I use it as a Kleenex clover thing!

I bought this jewelry thingy last week, I feel in love when I saw it and the best thing is that it was 50% off!! (I don't have a lot of jewelry, but when I do I'll fill it up! XD)

I bought this frame at the same place I bought the jewelry thing !, Love the design!! and colour!! It's just perfect!!
I bought a clear make up organizer and then I decorated it!!!!, pink+deco den=perfect!!♡ It  turned out pretty cute and pink XD. (I have more make up obviously LOL, and the pink kabuki brush is from forever 21, so pretty!) 

**And this are the curtains I got XD, I got them in the mail 30 minutes after I post this haha
(picture taken from
I have more pink stuff XD!, but I'm too lazy to take more pics haha. I'll provably take pictures of my whole room when I get new furniture!, ( hopefully before the end of this year :)!)


  1. I loooove that picture frame! It's beautiful! I also looove the color pink hehe! I'm sure you look great in pink! <3

  2. @Pinku Gyaru Thank you!! I know right? It's so cute!!. Pink is the best colour ever!! haha. Hum...:/ I think I look weird XD, I'm going to try something on, to see If I still feel weird (last time I try something pink was 3 years ago haha)

  3. Wowie, your room is gonna look amaaazing! Tehe~ I luurve pink too, but prefer baby blue or purple ^^

  4. such cute things *_* I'm jealous. Here in Germany you don't find anywhere something so cute and lovely things like those... :(



  5. @littleclassyrose D: aww, If you don't find anything then buy something plain and paint it pink (acrylics work really well) XD Sometimes I do that XD. hahaha

  6. @Lizzie ♥ Purple!! I love purple too!! haha ♥♥

  7. I loovee pink too! and black :D

  8. Haaannn I want your make up organizer !! I love bling bling, and this is soooo bling bling. This is a good blog and your look a good gal ! I follow you and I hope to see more about your gyaru life =p ! Many kiss !

  9. @Astralys Aww thank you I made it!!, I know bling bling is the best!!. Thanks for following ^^ ♥♥

  10. I love your new stuff!!
    The jewelry thingy is just perfect, all in one!!
    And the way you've decorated de makeup organiser is great :P I do love pink too!!!

  11. very nice, ! i love pink too <3