Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deco den+ comic con+ bow+ pink comforter= ♡♡

Yesterday I made some roses with clay, I was going to use them to decorate a frame but at the end I decided that It looked weird XD, so i didn't use them haha. I'm thinking of making earrings with them :D, I may sell them in the future when I get the materials and stuff. Since I didn't use them for the frame I decided to decorate my mirror XD hahah, it looks way better in real life!, So shinny!!!!!! *w*
This are some 3-d nails I made last month, I haven't use them since I forgot them at my friend's house. I got them from her house last week and I'm happy I did, since I'm going to comic con and I'll be able to wear them!! (I haven't finish the nails I was supposed to wear XDD ashgrrr)
I made this bow yesterday, It looks like the one I already have... but this one is bigger XD, and It looks better than the other one :/ (I made the other one in like 7 min, so It was starting to come apart haha)
Aww my new pink comforter came yesterday in the mail!! I'm so happy, It looks super pink XD and the light pink part is super soft and has engraved hearts!! Now I only need new white furniture :D

2 days left for Comic con!! I'm so excited! Can't wait to see Guillermo del Toro!!. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my badge!! So I'll provably take pictures of me in line :/ haha I'll post about comic con on Friday ;), I hope to have time to take pictures and hopefully I get lots of freebies XDDD

Other NEWS!:

OMG!! Josie Stevens replied to my comment!! 
She really is one of my biggest inspirations!! and I love her haha.
I case you don't know who she is:
She appeared in a reality show called "Married to rock". When I saw her 3d nails and hello kitty bows I knew she was fantastic! Her wedding was super pink and full of hello kitty!! I want a wedding like that! everything was super perfect! love her so much
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Thanks for reading my blog!! and be Happy!!Photobucket


  1. hello ♥
    Thank you for following my blog and your cute comment ♥

    i like your dekoart >_<;
    and huh? You make this bow by yourself? It looks really good O_O
    I'm so jealous of your hair...long and nice ;__; *luv*

    sorry for bad english XD;..

  2. @Sasu
    Thank you!! :D,yeah I made the bow! hehe. Don't worry I can understand you hahah :3

  3. I'm so happy she answered!! <333

    Your deco-den is supeer cute and I like the bow *-*

  4. Woah! The nails and the headbow look so lovely! **
    I also like your room very much <3
    And I´m happy for you that Josie Stevens replied you =D

  5. omg, your deco is soo cuteee~~ :D


  6. I love the deco! have fun in comic-con n.n

  7. katherine towersMay 19, 2012 at 10:57 PM

    omg! How did you make the bows for your nails? Are they clay or cabochons?? I would really love to learn how to make them!! I have seen "kawaii" nails for sale but they are expensive and I would rather make my own so I know they will fit me.
    (And I love Josie!!! I watched every episode of that show, she is so sweet!)

    superkatieboots.blogspot.com --- I have some of my acrylic nails on my page but they're not as cute as yours!!