Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New header!

Hello everyonee! ^0^! I changed the heather of my blog!
I want to adopt a "mature" style kind of thing XD.. I don't know, I think I look my age in the main pic... I don't want to look 16 anymore -___-U..
Sorry I haven't blog in a while I was super busy with finals and an evil art essay o____o!! luckily is almost over! so I'll be free again!!  and hopefully will have the time to do some makeup reviews!!

Here is a cute xmas image!

omgg I do not know what I want for xmas this year T___T, 
I think I have everything I want.. kind of weird.

Oh well let me know want you want for xmasss *__*! <3
maybe I'll get inspiration on what to ask for xD
bye bye!


  1. Nice header! Although I think It's nice to look young sometimes :p I really need to update my blog. I neglected it for a while. Good luck with your finals!!

  2. Love the new header! ^__^ And I totally understand that feeling of not knowing what you want for xmas. It happens every year on my birthday lol.

  3. The new header is so cute! I love it!

  4. Your header looks awesomeee ^^! Maybe you should like ask for cool hair extensions in pink or lila hahah i dont know, new shoes maybe, fake nails? Me & my boyfriend are going to give eachother new rings for xmas! & When i'm going to try your make-up tut i will make a pic of the result whoehoe ^^

    Bye lovely :D xx

  5. Aww,your blog is one of my fav blog to read,I was wondering if I have missed most of your post while I haven't been on blogger.

    Your new header is sweet and cute ^ ^
    Actually,I don't see what's wrong with looking 16,my bf always said I look that age,too....even it's quite far from my real age now XD

  6. I love your new header and this xmas photo is sooo cute but also sexy *w*
    I wished for some games for christmas but I am not sure if you love gaming, too xD

  7. Lovely new header!
    Especialmente las purikura le dan un aspecto muy dinámico!
    La verdad es que yo tiempo ha siempre quería parecer más mayor, pero ahora ya me da igual rolf
    Lo mejor es estar en ese punto que nadie es capaz de adivinar qué edad tienes exactamente, pero sí te sitúan en la franja correcta!

  8. Beautyful header! ♥
    I work on a new layout as well but i just wont get ready haha~

  9. cute header! i think you look your age :)

    xoxo Sarah
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