Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meeting Canadian gal Kathy +Purikura *0*!

Hello everyone!! Yesterday I met Kathy
a super pretty Canadian Ga!
I went to L.A with Kathleen and we meet up with  Cindy, Kathy, Tricia and Marissa at Round 1 to take purikura :D!!

Since the Purikura machines have awesome lighting we too some pics inside XDD!:

Me and Kathy!
Pretty Kathy and my weird face @__@U

Cindy and I!!
We played Fast and Furious and the first time I won and she ended up in 2nd place, so we played again and Cindy won and I got 2nd place XDD.  Next time we'll have a deadly race to see who wins! o___o!!

Me and Kathleen! She looks like a doll XD <3
I look sleepy for some reason @__@

Cindy, Kathy and I :D!

And here is the Purikura we took!!!

And this is what I bought xD

That's it for todayy!!
Bye bye!!


  1. That's so cute.
    I want to travel to other countries to meet foreigner gyarus also.
    It'd be fun!!

  2. lot of beautiful girls <3
    happy to see u've had a lot of fun!

  3. you're so lucky that you can take purikura!
    You're all so pretty ( *`ω´)! ~

  4. You look so beautiful like ever <3 <3 <3 and you friends,too *-*

  5. Ah, the puris are so cute

  6. Love your purikura pics! They're cute and funny. I hope I can go to Japan with my friends someday then take cute pics. *--*
    Brenda (

  7. you girls are so pretty^^ love puris <3

  8. chelseathetravelerAugust 26, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    you ladies look so adorable.

  9. You look so pretty and that's cool how you had a meetup! ^^

  10. Grr no sé qué fue del comment que escribí antes, se borró ;____;
    En fin... Decía, que me encanta que las gals de todo el mundo estén unidas, como con Kayo! <3 Se ven tan lindas con Kathy~~ <3
    Voy a seguir tu consejo sobre el tinte super aclarante, un día de estos hago el experimento, el tema es que necesito como 3 cajas porque tengo pelo muy pesado y largo! haahha xD
    Bueno, creo que eso es todo... Se me hace que me olvido más cosas que puse en el comment que se me borró u___u
    Besotes Nino linda, vos también cuidate, sí? :3

  11. Awww~ you are all SUPERCUTE (*uuu*) ♥♥♥ That is amazing that you could all meet like that!! Looks like you had fun~ JELLY~ XDD ♥♥

  12. those purikura photos look so fun and cute, i miss photobooth :c

  13. wish we had purikura over here. you gals look like you had a fun time :-)

  14. aww it seems you guys had plenty of fun!

  15. Looks like you guys had! I wish I went! Darn the dorm moving >.<

  16. I knoww me tooo!! ;___; maybe someday when we have tons of money XD! hahaha

  17. Thank youuu! yeah, hanging out with gals is always fun :D!

  18. Thank you Yukiii! *0*! hopefully someday I'll go to Germany! I want to take Purikura with you! :D!

  19. yeah Purikura is always so much funnn :D! <3

  20. Thank youu!! :D yeah I love meeting up new gals! is always fun!

  21. noooo!! Disqus esta en tu contra XD!
    Awww espero que te quede biennn *0*!! aunque me gusta bastante el color que traes actualmente XD!
    Sii sii me cuidare hahah! <3 *3*!

  22. Thank youuu!!! yes we had so much fun *0*! I'm so glad I'm able to meet gals from around the world ^__^!

  23. in l.a exist puricura o-o were