Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Los Angeles!!

Hello everyone!! yesterday my friends and I went to
 Los Angeles to see Kyary *0*!! 
We (Rosie, Christine, Kathy and I) left San Diego around 12pm and got to L.A at 2pm, we met with our friend Sachiko there and walked to Club Nokia together *__*!. The concert didn't start until 7pm, so we chilled for 5hrs XDD! We got interviewed and photographers took our pics for the official Kyary website and tour video O.O!
Ok now PIC TIME ^0^8!!:
With Rosieeee!!

With Sachikoooo!!

With Kathyyyy!

There was a Laker's game going on, so there was a lot of basketball fans everywhere!
We stood out from the crowd and A LOT of people wanted to take pics of us !
Here you can see how tall Rosie and I are. xP
Credit to Sachiko
While we waited in line kathy did her makeup! OwO!
 she looks soo cuteee doing her makeup!

And we also camwhored XD haha
Sachiko taking a pic of me taking a pic of her taking a pic of me........XD
And here is my outfit!
The Barbie t-shirt says "Plastic and Proud" XD.
Cameras were NOT allowed inside the venue -___-U.. 
So I couldn't take pics of Kyary TmT!!
But we were super closee to her O__O!! and we were all jumpinggg and moving our arms, it was soo much FUN , and she was super cute ^0^8!!

The concert ended late so on our way to the parking lot we got invited to a socialite party >.>U..It was weird cause we were all colourful and everyone inside was fancy, plus there were photographers and REAL models O.O (I say "real" cause nowdays everyone thinks they are models, but these were the ones that appear in high fashion magazines). Everyone wanted a pic with us XD omgg seriously we got our pic taken by like 20 people, kind of awkward @_@...
Credit to Sachiko
We got home around 3am xD, it was definitely a fun day I'm never going to forget !!
Oh well that's it for today!!
Bye bye!!


  1. esperaba que le tomaras fotos o no sé *w* pero re bonis todas

  2. Im so envious!! gonna look forward ok Kyary's blog for you girls!!! Youre awesome!!

  3. Wow! So amazing! I wish i could see Kyary!! <3

    You guys looked so amazing and that is super exciting about being invited to a socialite party!!
    Stay beautiful and keep posting great entries!

    ~Amanda Heinz

  4. Las camaras estaban prohibidas TmT!! fue horriblee, estaba tan cerquita de ella y la podia ver perfectamente. No se porque prohibieron entrar con camaras ¬¬U..grrr

  5. Woah... you guys are tall TT_TT I would look like a midget next to you!! And woah, a road trip and Kyary sounds like awesome fun!! Like... really. Sounds like you all had an amazing awesome fun time too. Kinda jelly. (I wanna see Kyary too, but there's still no dates for my countryTT_TT)

  6. Me hubiera gustado ver fotos de ella ja:S

    pero que suerte tuvisteis al ir que envidiia :D pero al menos la pasasteis biien :DD

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun! I love your outfit and make-up. You guys all look so cute :3 Unfortunately I had to miss Kyary when she came to Europe this year.. >_<

  8. So lucky you got to watch Kyary! You all look so fabulous and gorgeous! <3

  9. "Plastic & Proud" ... I love it lol

  10. Wooowww it sounds so fun!

  11. *______* Estáis todas preciosas!! Adoro tu camiseta xDDDDDDD La frase es un puntazo! jajajajaja <3 Que pena que no pudieseis hacer fotos dentro, seguro que fue una pasada! <3

  12. Que chuladaaa!!! Yo me habria apuntado tambien si viviera mas cerca>o<
    Muuuuy requete preciosa tu como siemple, bonitaaa <3

  13. Awww I hope they post the pics soonn! i'm excited! hhaa

  14. xD haha everyone looks short next to me T^T unless they are wearing high heels and i'm not XD.! Maybe someday Kyary will go to your country :D!!

  15. siii y estabamos super cerquita T__T lastima que tenian detectores de metal, o hubiera metido mi camara ilegalmente XD

  16. I know right? XD that shirt is awesome!

  17. hahah cuando la vi dige "tengo que comprarla O__O" jajajaj!! sii estuvo muy divertido el concierto XD.. pero creo que nos divertimos mas afuera esperando a que empezara lol!

  18. Nattttttt!! ya te extrañabaaaa Mujerr!!! XDD Muchas graciass obvio hubieras venidooo y nos la hubieramos pasado super genial XD

  19. All of your blog entries are really entertaining to read and I love your hair/makeup and clothing reviews~! I'm sad I wasn't able to make this event, as I'm friends with Sachiko and live in the LA area. x_x I understand if you'd prefer not to say, but what lenses are you wearing in these photos? I think they're really unique looking~ Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future. ^^


  20. Hiii Ashleyy! ^0^! aww i'm so glad you like my posts *m*!!
    Aww you know Sachikoo! nicee she is the sweetest *___*!!
    I'm wearing the Vassen Vanilla Shake Greay, here is a review I made about them they areee super pretty and vibrantt! OwO!!!!