Saturday, June 9, 2012

Las Vegas weekend (PIC heavy!!!)

Hello everyoneeee!! xD I'm feeling so much better! *0*!
Oki so last week we went to Las Vegas for 3 days! My friend and I were so excited cause it was our first time there being 21 !!, so we were able to do lots of things without age restriction XD! yay!
We stayed at the Imperial Palace, which is right in the strip! the Hotel was under renovation so I didn't take any pics cause it looked ugly xP!
Here is a pic of the New York New York!! it has a roller coaster and I went in it!! soo much funn and it goes super fastttttttt! *0*8 I screamed a lot XD!

The day we arrived we got ready and went clubbing xD! we got free tickets to get into "The Bank" at the Bellagio. We didn't stay long xP!! haha!

Camwhoring at the Hotel's bathroom after coming back XD!!

We were able to finally get into Margaritaville and get margaritas!! *0*!! nom nomz
(last year we tried but they didn't let us in cause we were not 21 Dx!)

The Excalibur!! looks like a castle!! *0*!!

The Luxor!!! super Egyptian! and at night a huge light comes out of the pyramid! *0*

Me gambling XDDDDD! I won $1.40!!! omgg!! oh well I only spend $5 xD, so yeah. next year I hope I become a millionaire XD hahah!

The mall!!  *0*! they have a huge forever 21 xD!

Inside The Venetian! one of the best Hotels in the world! *0*! I really love this Hotel it's soo prettyyy and has so many storesss,
plus it always looks likes it's day time XD.
I want to take a gondola ride someday XD

Me in front of planet Hollywood!! tons of shops! and they also have a really good sushi buffet, but it was closed ;___;, so we didn't go wahhhhh!!

We went to the Sugar Factory!!!! the milkshakes areee soo gooddd! and they have tons of sweets and nom nom stuff *___*! But I wanted food so I ordered a Blue Cheese burgerr! nom nom nom!

I LOVE Las Vegas!! there's so much stuff to do and a mall in every Hotel XD!!!! plus all Hotels are pretty and fancy *0*!! 
If you ever get the chance to go to Las Vegas I recommend taking the bus! it has Air Conditioner and there's a stop every 5 min or so, even though the Hotels seem close together they are far and your feet will hurt if you decide to walk @_@!
Oh well that's it for todayyyy!!
Have a happy weekenddddd!


  1. You girls look gorgeous <3
    OMG YOU SHOULD TOTALLY STAY AT THE VENETIAN! XD I stayed there twice and it was amazing everytime. I wanna try the next door Palazzo one lol or New York

    Haha the slot machines. You like spend a max of $10 and just lose, gain, lose, gain

  2. That boat ride must've been a lot of fun! Such a beautiful scene too :o

  3. The Venetian looks awesome!! :-D And I totally love your eyemake here Nina!! <3 Next time we will go together in our pink convertibles!! <3

  4. Envious! I've never been to Las Vegas and really want to go. Everything looks so OTT and colourful!

  5. Wow! LA looks so exciting. It is so pretty!

  6. wow, sounds so cool ^.^ But I think for vegas, one has to save money for a looong time XD

  7. WUHU *_* I always wanted to go there and now I really have to go there wuhh
    you look great like always, the coordination with the shorts and the american shirt... pure love :DDD

  8. Wow---looks like you had a great time :D
    I wish to see more pic of you tho XD

  9. what a cute blog you have! and you look gorgeous sweety!

  10. DIOS MIO!!! Menudo lujazo y regalazo celebrar la mayoría de edad así no??
    Me alegro mucho por ti guapi *_* Yo espero vivir la experiencia, pero me queda lejos... xD
    Me encanta el outfit estilo cowgirl, qué guapa, qué morena, qué ojazos *___* ¡¡GUAPA!! :DD

  11. Wow so lucky! And happy belated bday! ♥

    My boyfriend is always talking about Vegas and now your pics make me wanna' go even more! Guess I have to start planning to visit next year xD Thanks for sharing X3

    ~ Kieli ~

  12. It looks like you had an awesome time there! ^^

  13. I LOVE Las Vegas! It's corny but so, so, SO fun! Britney Spears said it's Disneyland for adults. Hahaha!

    Your pics are so cute. You look very "American" in your hat and flag shirt! :D

  14. OMG!~ Okashi, you look so pretty in every picture!!~ I want to be like you *_* I bet all they guys want to be your boyfriend. ^^

  15. Great photos from your trip. :) I want to go to Vegas someday, too! ;0;
    And I can't wait to see the results from your Rhinoplasty!!! :3

  16. aww thank youuu Kathy! I want to stay there someday ;___;!! but it's too expensive XDDD! maybe in my honeymoon or something @_@!! The one I also want to try is Cesar's Palace :D!!. I spent $1 in one machine and won $3 and spent them again and at the end I didn't get anything xP.. oh well at least we are not like those crazy people spending $300 or $1,000 Dx... I'll be so mad if I lost $300!!! haha

  17. yesss it was soo much funnn!! wish they would have let me take a pic from the roller coaster XDD!.. next year I'll provably ride it again, but at night to see all the lights *0*!

  18. Yess the Venetian is like the #1 hotel in the Worlddd! super fancy T_T, someday when you come we'll stay there and feel fancy with our pink convertibles XDD! haha

  19. you should goooo! it's so much funnn and the lights at night are super bright and colourful *__* I love it there!!

  20. Yesss!! and at night the lights are soo pretty!! *0*

  21. Do you have those travel agent places that give you deals? I checked the original prices of the Venetian when booking online and the prices were pretty high, like more than $1000. But when I went the 2 times, our travel agent gave us a pretty good deal! It was less than $600 for 3 nights :D

    LOL true true. I don't find joy in gambling, I'd rather spend on shopping XD My bf lost like over $300 when we we're there -____- The only thing like gambling for us is trying to win plushies at those UFO catchers haha

  22. omggg! really!!? that's such a great priceee!!! last time I looked it up it was like $300 a night DX...mehh!.. If I go next year I'll see If we can get a good price *_*! we always stay at the imperial Palace cause it's cheap ($150 a night XD).. but If for couple dollars we can get a fancy hotel I would rather stay at a fancy hotel *_____*!
    omggg guys always spend soo much moneyy gambling! xD.
    Yeah maybe gambling to get the plushies is our destiny xP, but they are cuteee and cushy >0<8 plus you have fun trying to get cute stuff... and sometimes after lots of tries the guys at the store feel sorry for you and just open the machine and give you the thing xP...

  23. qué envidia me encanta Las Vegas!!!tiene que ser genial todo tan iluminado y tantas cosas chulas >_<