Monday, March 25, 2013

Good newsss!! *0*8 I'm so happy!!

Hello everyoneeee! I'mmm sooo happy todayyyyy!!
but before I tell you why, look at my new blog header!! Do you like it *m*??
And did you notice I dyed my hair XD? I tried doing ombre hair, but the brown colour already faded on the top >.>U.. I'm never buying cheap colorsilk hair dye again ò__o!
If you like the eye makeup I have you can watch the Gyaru eye makeup tutorial I made "VIDEO"
I know the title says "dramatic", a lot people don't think is dramatic xD but like 80% of the gals I've seen wear "natural" makeup... even I wear natural makeup sometimes on regular days. So I guess this is my going out with friends eye makeup lol?. I don't know..

Ok so here is the reason why I'm soo HAPPY *v*!!!
I passed my driving test!!!!! OMG!! and I got 100%  soo happyyyy!!
My sister is a good teacher after all ò__o! <3 love herr!

And this is the car I'm getting *__*:
Just kidding, I'm not that rich XDD
But I'll be getting a car hopefully during this or next week *0*8!!
And other GOOD NEWS! I'm finally graduatinggg! Yayyy
Hope the school doesn't make any mistake and I really graduate this May ¬¬U...
And I'm totally attending to my college graduation ceremony *__*<3 so excited to wear a graduation hat, I'm going to decorate it ^0^8!!!
 I didn't attend my high school or middle school graduation ¬¬, but I'm definitely attending my college graduation XD yay!!

Oh well that's it for todayyyy!
Bye bye!!


  1. Yeaaah congratulations ! :DDD I'm so happy for you *-*

  2. that great news !!!! I love ur videos please keep making more !!!! and more outfits of the day =^_^=

  3. congratulations !!

  4. Felicidades !!!!! Ahora toca comprar un coche !

  5. Congratulation! That is amazing :D

  6. congratulations! I;m so happy for you <3 the header looks great and you look awesome as usual :)

  7. Omgs! Good job! You must have worked hard!

  8. Congratulations on everything! The header looks really nice :3

  9. congratulatin on graduating! Congrats on passing your test!! I like you make here too! :D looks so niiiiicccceeee~

  10. Hahaha that pink car xD if you ever get one you should get a hello kitty paintjob on it:P

    But congrats, it's really hard getting a drivers lisence, at least in Norway where you have to pay tons of can't afford to fail lol I still haven't gotten mine yet though(22 and everything -__-'') but I'm hopefully doing it next year:)

  11. O_O omg congrats ~ I'm also going to be taking it in 2 weeks but I dont think im ready >_<...any tips?

  12. Congrats on passing the test!

  13. concrats dear! :D I'm sure u'll get a pretty car ;P
    and as alwys, u look just great! ^^

  14. Thank youu sooo muchhh honeyy*m* you are always soo sweet! <3

  15. I knoww I totally should XD hahah!!!
    And i hope you can get your driver's license next year :)!!!