Sunday, March 3, 2013

Purikura+food+more food=fun fun!

Hello everyoneee! Hope you are all doing well and aren't sick.
 I been sick since friday T0T soo sad..Oh well sickness didn't stop me from
 going out with my friends yesterday!
Last week was Rosie's Birthday and to celebrate we went to Costa Mesa ^___^!!
First we went to Mitsuwa, it wass big o__o!!
Then we went to a purikura place!! the purikura machines were kind of old @_@,
 so here are few of the purikura I liked xD! Not that many >.>U..

Me, Courtney and Rosie showing our purikura ^0^!!
We were all wearing hats haha soo funny xDD!
But I think it was the perfect occasion cause it was sunny :D!

After that we went to a bakery and I tried a maccaron for the first time ever o__o!! 
I always see them in pics, but never had the chance of buying one before >.>U. 
And all I can say is that it was yummy *¬*!<3 <3.
And here is a pic of some of the yummy stuff they had *m*!!

We also had Ramen and other yummy stuff *__*.. I think I gained a bunch of weight T___T.. we ate a lot of nom nom food!!!!!

my outfit
At night Rosie, her boyfriend and I went to the Casino ..I didn't win anything T^T lamee. Oh well I wanted to take pics but there were not pics allowed ¬¬U grrrr...Oh well I only lost $8 xD, so I don't feel bad!

That's it for todayy
Bye bye!!


  1. Awh cute outfit! :3

  2. You are all so cute!
    Does your Friend with the Black Hat got a blog too?

  3. Adorable :)
    Awesome coord, I love how the accessories match so well~~

  4. The food looks so delicious! And love your outfit too ^^ three beautiful girlsss

  5. awww you're sooo cute :3
    and i really love your outfit <3

  6. You look so amazing like ever *^*
    <3 <3 <3

  7. Your outfit is so nice! :D And the Macaroons look soooooo yummy!!! I love macaroons they are so yummy!!

  8. i love looking at purikura photos :)

    ahhh and thats good to hear that you only lost $8.

    i have a habit of chasing my losses and have lost $200+.

    it's not a great feeling.

    feel better and get well soon!!

    xoxo Sarah

  9. You all look so pretty! Cute hats too! :D

  10. Your purikura is so cute! And the food looks sooo yummy! >_<

    Your blog is so lovely, I always enjoy reading your posts so I've nominated/tagged you for the Liebster Blogging Award! I hope you'll participate!

  11. That looks like Sticki Picki in Irvine.. LOL I just went there a couple weeks ago but the machines are super outdated and it's pretty pricy too! I think the ones at Round 1 are cheaper and better!

  12. I knoww I think I gained like 2 lbs that day from eating lots of yummy food xDDD!

  13. Thank youuu *0*!!! No she doesn't T__T!!

  14. Thank youuu sweet Rin *__* <3!

  15. Thank youuu Yukiii!!! *__* lov yaa!

  16. I knowwww theyy areee *__* I really liked the one I tried <3

  17. Thank youu! it was such a coincidence we decided to wear hats XD haha!

  18. Awww thank youuu soo muchhhh dear *___* <3 you are so sweet!

  19. Yeah it is XD it was our first time there. I know the machines were pretty old >.>U.. and as you I prefer Round one there are more machines and is way cheaper :3!