Friday, July 12, 2013

Vassen Bambi Queen Blue and GEO Starmish Brown review! (Sponsored by

Hello everyone!! ^0^
Today I'm going to take a break from the Anime Expo posts @_@,
I still have a lot to post XD!
Oh well! Last week I got these two pairs of Cicle lenses ^0^,
kindly sponsored by! 
The shipping was really fast O.O, plus the customer service is great! 
Ok let's start!!

-Colour: ★★★★★ -Love the colour!!!!!!! Super vibrant and blue O__O!!!
-Comfortableness: ★★★★★-Comfy!!
-Enlargement-★★★★★-Greatttt *_*!
-Overall ★★★★★- Love them!!!! I love vibrant colours so much! 
and I am a big Vassen fan, their circle lenses never disappoint me!

If you like them you can get them HERE

-Colour: ★★★★★ -I been wanting to try these for a while!! I wanted
 some brown circle lenses that looked brown! and these look brown O__O <3 (other "brown"circle lenses usually look black ¬¬)
-Comfortableness: ★★★★★- Really comfy, I wore these at Anime Expo
the whole day!! 
-Enlargement-★★★★☆-These do enlarge the eye, not super big but I 
think is a good effect if you are going for a natural look :D!
-Overall ★★★★★- Love themmm!! they look super brown and are really pretty *_*! 

If you like them you can get them HERE

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That's it for today!
Bye bye!


  1. Both colors look amazing on you! The brown looks really natural.

    VIsit me:

  2. I normally would go for blue one but the brown one you wear is really cute!!

  3. the first lenses are amazing

  4. Oh my, the Bambi blues look amazing!! I love the Starmish browns, they're my favourite!! Thanks for the reviews hun!

  5. Te ves hermosa! pareces modelo de revista ageha!

  6. The brown ones look great on you! :)

  7. Very nice review!

  8. Ohww! The Vassen bamby blue are very great on dark eyes *___* It's difficult to found blue lenses with good rendering on dark eyes. I had experience of lenses not thick enough and the blue isn't seen any more. :/
    Thank for this post :)

  9. Love the starmish browns ^^ And I'm afraid of trying the vassen bambi lenses! But I like them on you :D

  10. Both of the lenses look really nice on you! :D
    I really want to try the starmish brown now xD

  11. They all look great on you! The blue looks really stunning, but i feel the brown matches and suits your overall look better! :)

    You are so beautiful!!
    Thanks for the Wonderful review!

  12. Those colours really suit you. ^__^

  13. Thankk you!! yeah the starmish brown are gorgeous!!

  14. Thankk you!! yeah the bambi ones are super bright O_O!!

  15. I knoww!! most blue CL look dark on dark eyes, but these look super blue O__O!!!! You should try Vassen all their CL are bright and show up really well on dark eyes ^__^!

  16. xDDD hahhahaha muchas gracias, que amable Pame *//*!

  17. Thank you so muchh Saera!! *3*!

  18. Thankkk youuu! they are super blueee!!

  19. Thankk youuu!!! yeah the brown ones are really pretty!!

  20. Yes, thanks !
    I have Vassen Rainbow green, and it look really good !
    Next time I 'll test this CL in blue (or grey) or Vassen.

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