Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Comic-con 2013!!

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing fine, I been super busy @_@!! 
Last week was comic-con *___* and I went all 4 days XDD
Luckily I got a free 4 day badge T0T.  Soo happyO(≧∇≦)OI can't believe how lucky I am!
Thank you so much to the person who gave me the badge ~(^з^)-☆!!

Oh well I met a bunch of people! 
My favorite was this cosplayer, her name is Vegas PG!
She was soo HOT and said I was "kawaii" >0<!!!
She was super sweet and nice! So glad I also saw her on friday *w*!

I didn't take many pics of me xD I was really excited taking pics of everything @__@!
There was a bunch of people as always, so it was hard for me to take good pics  >.<!
Here are some of the "best" pics I took:

I also took a pic with  Kassem G, one of my fav youtubers, 
I met him 2 years ago at comic-con xP.
He said I was really "sparkly" *0*!

On Saturday I tried taking pics of cosplayers >.>, but didn't have much time
since I was in line for 2hrs to get inside Ballroom 20, where I stayed for 4 hrs lol.
I saw these panels: Futurama, The Simpsons, Family Guy and half of American dad.
OMG I LOL the whole time XD all the voice actors are so damn funny :''D, plus I got to watch some previews ÒwO meheheheh!!!

Oh well that's it for today I might post more pics of comic-con on my next entry!
Bye bye!


  1. fabolous walking dead series
    happy day

  2. Omg I wish I could go there! It looks so awesome!! The Joker *^* <3<3<3<3 I think I would make 1000000 of pic there XD. You also look so awesome in the Ma*rs dress. Ma'*rs is made for you hon <3

  3. You looked amazing! Very pretty!

  4. Love Vegas' cosplay! I hope that I'll get to go to CC one day. It looks so fun~ >o<;;

  5. que guapa !!! se ve un evento genial y con muchisimas cosas (en España no hay ninguno que se parezca), me hubiera encantado ir y ver todo.

  6. You look perfect *v* I love your hair!

  7. lovely photos, u look so kawaii always but here Mega Kawaii O3O

  8. That one girl was really hot *o* You looked adorable in the MA*RS Set. Your hair looks soo biig!

  9. such a pretty outfit. you're right, the cosplayer is awesome xD

  10. you look so pretty, i love your dress ^.^ i want it