Thursday, July 11, 2013

Anime Expo (part 3) MA*RS fashion show!

Hello everyone!!
As some of you might know I was a model for ma*rs at the fashion show Saturday!
Liz Lisa, Tralala and Liz Lisa doll fashion show was friday, I didn't take pics of that, as some of you might know I don't like Liz Lisa ¬¬U and I had to model for Tralala. The outfit was cute, but not my style and I didn't feel "pretty" @__@! Plus it was my FIRST fashion show EVER, so I was SUPER nervous and didn't know what to do, how to walk or pose X'DD, plus everything was unorganized and we only got to practice the catwalk once T0T!!!! it was scaryyy O.O!! But luckily the experienced girls helped me a lot and I think I didn't do that bad at the actual fashion show X'D.
On Saturday was the fashion show for Golds Infinity, Glavil and MA*RS.  I think this fashion show  was better, the clothes were flashier and everyone looked soo COOL!!!!!!! Plus it was more organized and I wasn't super nervous xD.
Here are some pics I took backstage ^0^!!

With Anz Falcon she is soo sweet and looked so cool in Glavil O__O!!

Triciaa!! she always looks good in everything!!
She looked so cool in Glavil and super sexy in MA*RS!

With my Cindy!!!!!!!
She looked like a Beverly Hills housewife, super fancyy *__*!

I was soo happy I met Anna! she came all the way from Canada!!
She was soo perfect and sweet!! *_* I miss her!
Hope I can visit her in Canada someday,  she said she'll take me out to eat yummy food XDD <3!

And this is what I wore!! there should be a mirror backstage ¬¬U.
My boobs were obviously too big for this dress xP blehh, oh well
at least my makeup and hair looks nice xD
Thanks to Erskine Noel for the pic *_*

All the ma*rs girls! we are sooo pink and sparkly (☆^ー^☆)
Thanks to Adri for taking these pics!

In the middle: MA*RS model Fumino and designer!

I was really happy the designer chose Rosie and I to 
open the ma*rs fashion show ⊂((・▽・))⊃
She said she trusted us T0T
The lighting was really shitty :/ so I haven't find good pics of the actual fashion show.

That's it for today! 
I'll post more about AX in the next post
Bye bye


  1. So cute! How Tall are you?

  2. I was one of the tallest haha, I'm 5'6 XD (1.69cm)

  3. You all looked amazing! I love Anna, she's such a sweetheart :>
    I once ran into her at work and she gave me a free ice cream ^__^

    It's too bad you didn't take any pictures of your Tralala outfit. I would have liked to see it even though you didn't like it >u<;;

  4. Anna wants to feed us all!! xDD!! she is soo sweet haha!
    Thank you so muchh!! >0< aww If I find a pic I'll post it, but I don't think anyone took good pics of the Liz Lisa Fashion show :/, at least I haven't find any.

  5. And we'd all let her too LOL. That's a shame. I haven't seen much of that fashion show either, but the MA*RS show looked fantastic! <3

  6. fabolous event ...and you are so cute and amazing
    happy week end

  7. Wow,this's such a real big event.It's cool that girls from different places came to participate in the event.
    You all look so beautiful >_<

  8. Awww, all of you look so beautiful in Ma*rs! It's so hard to pick a favorite outfit. lol.Your make up is so nice too!

  9. haha, ur boobs are too big? I think they're perfect, and I doesn't even noticed, that they ere too big for the dress ;P
    But u know, japanese girls have way different body shapes then we have!
    u looked so amazing in this outfit ♥

  10. Yuki Ageha PhantomhiveJuly 12, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    Ma*rs is really made for you you look to wonderful in this outfit *^* You look better than many japanese models <3 <3 <3

  11. pretty girls~ I'm so envious, want to have a event like this at Germany too *//A//* pretty photos too <3

  12. you girls all look so pretty*-* too bad the dress didn't fit you well.-. it still looks awesome on you!

  13. Oh my I wish I could have been there ! year ! I hope...

  14. I'm so jellllyyyyyyyy XD I love reading your posts about the anime expo >< Wish i was there myself!!! and all your new gets omg *A* You look really beautiful as always btw <3 Love the hair and makeup!!

  15. Aww I love being in J-fashion related fashion shows/events! They're always a blast and everyone has loads of fun! In that last pic each of you guys look so cute!

  16. YES YOU MUST COME VISIT US IN CANADA SOMETIME! x) You girls look beautiful as always. T^T Hope something similar will be happening next year cuz I'll be flying over ASAP <3

  17. Yeahh it was sooo big!! O__O!!!! I was really happy I got to meet people from around the world!!

  18. Thankk you!! I knoww! all the outfits were awesomeeeee O___O!!!!

  19. hahah XD thank youuuu!! Yeahh they have no boobs :P, the designer wanted us to wear push up bras XD but I obviously didn't need it haha!

  20. Thhaaannkkk you soo muchhhh!!!!!! T___T8!!!!!!!

  21. Hope the have things like this everywhere! it would be awesomee right O_O??!
    Thank you so muchhh!!

  22. Thank you soo muchhh!! *__* youj are so sweet!

  23. Yeahhh come nexttt yearrr!!!!!!!!!

  24. Awwww soo happyy you like my posts T0T!!!!!!
    Come nexttt yearrrrr *___*!!! hahahah
    Thank you so muchh dear *3* you are always so kind ;__;!

  25. Yess they areeeee ^0^! Thank you so much!

  26. Yess, I wanttt tooo!!! *___*!!!!!
    You should have comeee Kathy!! It was awesome ^__^!!
    Yeahh come next year O__O I want to see you again!

  27. You girls look lovely!
    I especially love the last photo <3

  28. aww so lucky and cuutee :)

  29. Awwww thank you I love you too <3<3<3 The lenses look awesome *^*

  30. I didnt read anything, i was just like wauw - wow - wweuw you all look so gorgeousssss <3. Jellyyyyy!