Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Too faced primed and poreless powder review!

Hello everyone!! Today I'm going to review my favorite product ever!! 
"Too faced primed and poreless powder"
I been using this for 3 months already and I'm in love *__*!
The powder comes in a container of .16 oz, and the packaging is really cute!

Here is how it looks:

You can apply it before your liquid foundation or after, but I always apply it after cause it makes my make up HD :D.

-Minimizes the appearance of your pores
-Makes your skin look flawless*__*
-Vegan friendly and paraben free!
-It makes my make up look more natural (less cakey)
-Adapts to any skin tone
-Cute packaging
-Lasts a long time

-You have to hold your breath when applying it,
cause the powder is really fine xD

I'm a big fan of Too Faced, and this powder has made me love them more *0*!
You can buy this at any makeup store that carries Too Faced or online at their website.

That's it for today ^__^
bye bye!


  1. That powde is amazing! I have to get that for myself, thanks for the review! :) xoxo Kristiina http://elamanionrunoni.blogspot.fi/

  2. kirakiramidnightcircusJuly 24, 2012 at 12:01 PM

    Wow... it really does work!
    I'm going to have to get this next time I get allowance! *0*

  3. Genial!! En donde lo conseguiste? (*w*)

  4. I didn't know about this product, thank you!

  5. Lo puedes conseguir en Sephora, Ulta o Toofaced.com pero no se en Mexico ><... yo creo que en tiendas donde venden maquillaje xD

  6. Wow this looks amazing!! (*___*) I have to get this!! My skin got pretty bad in Japan because of the humidity (that I'm not used to XD) and because of all the air pollution.. (T__T) I've done my best trying to get it better but whooooa I could just fool everyone with this that I have flawless skin XD Buying this for sure!!! Thank you for introducing this product!!

  7. I must try this product! Thanks Nino. Don't forget to post this on the Fan page

  8. Thanks for the review!!
    I'm going to check the local store if they sell it here >_<

  9. New follower here (^_^)v I'm so happy that i found your blog, i love it! Your are so so pretty!

  10. This a good review! I'll have to try this out! ^^

  11. Wow!Thats awesome!It really does cover up pores really well. I seriously want to try it!

    If you wouldn't mind, please follow my blog :)


  12. I'll have to give this a try, too.
    I've been using Pore Putty's face powder and it does a good job giving you a matte finish and covers pore well.... but, it's not nearly as easy to get.
    This would be a lot easier to buy since there's a sephora near my work. xD

  13. hola! ^^ soy nika pinwinika en fb! jeje
    Me encanta tu blog, soy muy fan ♥
    El producto ese parece genial! O_O yo estoy a la espera de una mascarilla-milagrosa parecida xD aver que tal!
    un saludo preciosa! :3 me encanta tu estilo ♥_♥ *modo fangirl on* xD

  14. Oh my goodness o.o it's like magic O.O

  15. I knoww!, when I tried it at the store I was like "omg magic I need to get it XD"

  16. Aww your welcome!! it is amazing :D!

  17. hahahaha XDD yeah my skin is not the best neither @__@, so this powder really helpss xD! haha!

  18. Awww yeah try itt! you are going to love it!

  19. Hopefully it is available at a store near you ^__^!

  20. awww thank youuu! you are also super pretty! I'm trying to follow your blog but stupid blogger is not letting me DX!! hopefully it will work in few minutes :D!

  21. Thank youu!!, yeah try itt, it's awesome!

  22. Yeahh it's like magic *0*!!! :D!

  23. yess go to Sephora and try it! you'll see how your skin becomes flawless *__*! , I love this product!

  24. Holaaa!! aww gracias por decirme quien eras luego tengo gente que no se quien es @__@! Y gracias por tu comentario *m*, me motiva a seguir con mi blog!
    Awww cual es la mascarilla milagrosaaa? cuando la trates me avisas si sirvio para tratarla XDDDD!! hahah
    Y muchas gracias guapa <3 cuidate ^__^

  25. Woow thank you so much for this review~!
    I think I'll buy it (*__*)