Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comic con 2012!! (pic heavy)

Hello everyone!! yesterday I went to comic con !! I was kind of tired cause I only slept 5 hrs the previous night -____-U..
so yeah that explain my face in almost all the pics xD..
plus I got mad cause some idiots thought I was dress up as Minnie Mouse qhaagh D:< WTH!!?
stupid blind people ¬¬.... minnie mouse has mouse ears!!...

Me and Iron man XD

Woman with 3 boobs... I'm not sure if they were real @__@
either way, creepyyyy!!!

Me with x-men cosplayers :D

Me and Gollum looking at something xP

Darth Vader!
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My little Pony!! I wanted to hug it,
but I wasn't sure if we could touch it @__@

There was a Frankenweenie exhibition with some
of the original sets used for the movie *__*

A  giant muscular guy XD

The trolley was decorated in My little pony!
and I got to ride it *0*
Prettyyy! *__*

I had funnn! but I wish I would have had more energy and a better camera @__@

In other news! we already have all the models for Gal VIP, the first gaijin gyaru magazine and also here is the facebook fan page to stay updated ^__^

That's it for today!
Bye bye ^_____^!!


  1. So lucky! I wish I could go to Comic Con >___<
    Robert Downey Jr. was there at the Iron Man children's costume contest.


  2. omgggggggg!!! sgdjhg XDDDDDDDawwwwwww!! ;____; so sad i miss thattt!!! wahhhhhhhhh!! T_______T.!!!

  3. He was there as a surprise so I don't think anyone knew until he actually showed up ;____;

  4. i wish i could go to CC and enter the "The walking dead" panel, i´ve seen pictures of cosplayers elsewhere and this year event looks great!

  5. The woman with 3 boobs is so creepy omfg. Looks like you had fun though! I'd love to go ;w;

  6. waaah~ I wish we had something fun like this in Iceland...T^T


  7. Ahhh so jealous. I didn't get to go this year. Looks like it was pretty awesome as usual. :D

  8. wa so lucky!~ Everything is weird there :O the good thing is that you had a good time ^^ Did you go all by yourself?

  9. Yes I went by myself @__@ that's why I look serious in the pics cause I had to ask strangers to take pics of me XDD!

  10. Seems like you had a good time there! the Frankenweenie and the giant muscular guy are so creepy.. and the three boobs woman.. O.O

  11. That looks like so much fun but the woman with 3 boobs is really creepy and kidda scary =_=;

  12. QUE CHULADA!!! O___O Adoro este tipo de eventos.. pero en España no son tan grandiosos!!! >o< juuum
    *^* Amo hacer cosplay y esos son de maximum level XDDDD
    Estabas muy bonica!!*^* No se porque te veian Minnie Mousse =( la gente no tiene criterio u.uU!!
    PD: Yo tambien habia querido abrazar a Pimkie Pie (De pequeña era fan total de my little pony.. y hoy en dia creo que soy peor XDDDDDDDD)

  13. so pretty ^^
    My little pony trolley is so fantastic *Q*
    and i just can't understand why some ppl thought you were dressed up like Minnie?!O_o

  14. xDDD aww thanks so much for telling me @__@U..I already spelled it the correct way XD.

  15. Oh, I'm so jealous! I want to go to Comic Con someday too! The conventions here in Sweden are shutting down, sadly. It'll cost me so much to go to cons in other countries. ; _ ;

  16. Wooooow! I really wanna go to a comic con now :P

  17. wah great photos <3 the Giant muscular guy reminds me of a character from a movie before hmm what was it, heroes movies...anyway Frankenweenie!!! im so excited! im a Tim Burton fan lolz

  18. Waaaah~~I'm so jelly XD ♥ I wanted to go to Comic con so bad but I was just in Japan so I can't afford to fly to U.S too T___T Iron man ♥♥♥

  19. awww really!!? fun!
    If you ever come to comic con let me knoww it will be lots of fun hanging out with you *_* <3

  20. yeahh I love Tim burton!! when I saw the exhibition I got super excited *0*! the sets are amazing so much detail! <3

  21. It looks so much fun! I am going to a convention this Saturday too! In the UK. ^^ And the giant muscular man is from Prometheus, it is just out in the cinema! It is very good. Glad you had fun!