Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meeting gal models in L.A! gals weekend FTW! part2

Hello again everyone :D!!
So as some of you might know I went to L.A and spent the weekend at Michi's <3, and on Saturday we met Gal models Eri Angely and Yumi Fujimoto they came to L.A and wanted to meet us! *__*
Girl group pic outside Shibuyala!!!
I love this pic so much we all look good *m* <3
Top left to right: Hiromi, Me XD, Ami, Nana, Nicky, June
Bottom left to right: Elly, Tricia, Eri Angely, Yumi Fujimoto, Michi
We are Sailors!! hahaha!
Gal model Eri and I at round one! <3 she is soo pretty!!
Yumi and I at the Ferris wheel in Santa Monica! we were both scared of heights XD
Me and gal model Yumi!!
Michi and I
!!! omggg xD we had so much fun! I'm glad we didn't die over the weekend XDD
Visit her blog!
Pic credit to Michi!

Elly and I, she is the owner of Shibuyala ! she is super sweet and cute (>///<)8
and I bought some japanese underwear there for my sister :D, she loves it and thinks is better than Victoria's secret *____*!
Pic credit to Elly!
At Tea station waiting for food :D
June and I! check out her blog !!!!! *___* she is soo pretty!!
June and I *___*!! <3
Tricia and I, she looks so good as a brunetteee *0*! Her blog ^_^
Tricia and I!
At Santa Monica!! the sunset was really pretty *__* <3
Eri and Yumi
Pic credit to Michi
At the Ferris wheel *0*!
Pic credit to Michi

Michi, Hiromi, Yumi, and I at Round one!
Pic credit to Michi
Picture taken at 1am XDD I think we all set a record of only eating once through the whole day and wearing contacts for 14 hrs @__@! oh well we still alive xD!
Michi, Cindy, me, Nana, Ami

Chilling at Hiromi's place at 3 am XDD! omgg her apartment has a great view of downtown Los Angeles
Pic credit to Michi
We had a GREAT day!! I will always remember it ^__^
That's it for today :D
Bye bye!

******Click here to see all the PURIKURA we took*****


  1. awwww everyone looks soooooo adorbs <3
    and i love ur outift ^^Sailor Okashi heheh

  2. You all look so cute! Yay for cool and funny gyaru meetings~ ^___________^

  3. FlirtingwithfashionJuly 3, 2012 at 1:32 PM

    wow, you all look so cute and pretty :) and the skyline behind you on the last picture: BREATHTAKING!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  4. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE I WASN'T THERE!! XD (and missed AX too)
    Did those models know about you guys beforehand?? Or did you just meet them by chance? Way too lucky.
    I gotta come down there during your next planned meets lol

  5. aww pero que guapas todaas por dios <3 nino me encanta tu usamimi esta super lindo y tu make perfect like always <33

  6. So many pretty gals! :)
    You looked like you had a lot of fun~~

  7. Wow, so lucky ^^, i wish i had friends to hang out like that D:

  8. Looks like a lot of fun and you all look so beautiful! I really need to move to L.A or something XD I'm sick of being a lone gal.lol

  9. Looks really like you all had a very nice day. I wish we also will have a gyaru meet in Switzerland. You all look so beautiful.

  10. great photos, all of you look cute :3 i thought one of the gals looked like CL from 2NE1 ;)

    ~aiMee/aMz, http://amz88.blogspot.com/ <3

  11. sounds like a amzing day with great girls around you! :3 sweet pictures, and everyone looks fabulously on them!!

  12. Genial, increible, menudo lujo!!!

  13. ; o ; can I be jelly now? Yes? Okay. BRB, BEING JELLY.

  14. vendycolangelo@hotmail.it zuleJuly 6, 2012 at 12:23 AM

    hello I'm Vendy, and I am your new follower.
    what do you think to follow each other?
    I adore your blog

  15. Cute pictures!
    You all look lovely ♡

  16. Wow...full of cute girls >_<
    You must had a great time there!

  17. Woow that is so amazing!!! (*___*) You are really lucky!! Looks like you had tons of fun!! (^__^) Great post!! <3

  18. thank you!! *__* I don't know why but I been obsess with sailor inspired outfits lately XD! haha

  19. Thank youuu!! hope you can come one day so we can have gal funnn! *__*

  20. Thank youuu!! <3 I knoww the view was amazing *___*!!!

  21. I knoww it was so much fun!! next time you have to comeee!! I want to meet you!. I think they did, they said they watched our Tokyo Kawaii tv episode XD so embarrassing @__@....

  22. Gracias Lizzz!! <3 algun dia tenemos que conocernos XD <3

  23. Thank youuu! I'm sure you'll find people! don't worry ^_^

  24. you should come to L.A sometimeee!! *__* it would be so much fun hanging out with you <3.

  25. Thank youuu :D!! aww really XD? hahaha

  26. thank youuu! We had a great time *__* <3

  27. thank youuuu!, yeah we did :D

  28. hi! you really inspire me! I have been wanting to try the GAL style forever. I am a total newbie though! ^^: I was looking through your blog but I really love these blue contacts! I have blue green eyes but the dramatic blue looks so good on you! I was wondering what type this is or if you have a recommendation for me..? I would really appreciate it! Also are you wearing extensions or is your hair naturally that amazing? so jelly ~o~ looks like you guys had fun!! :D