Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mall adventure! *0*!

Hello everyone!! Yesterday Rosie, Courtney and Iwent to the Escondido Mall. 
This mall has 3 floors. Last time I went there was 4 years ago!!
Here are some random pics of us xD behehe!
"Funny Face
ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ "!

Smiley Face 。◕‿◕。!
Look at Rosie's hair, soo PINK!! *¬*!!

Courtney and I. I tried looking normal but I couldn't @_@, 
so this is like the best pic of us 2 lol

Rosie and I! xDDDD!

And this is what I bought!
Rosie and I bought this shirt! We love Mean Girls so much *____*!
So we HAD to get it

We also got this American Flag Cardigan to wear on the 4th of July!!
 Partyyy (*▽*)_旦~!!

I also bought some stuff at Sanrio, but I can't post pictures cause they are presents for my friends in Germany ^0^!

After the mall we went to Marukai Market, the local cosmetic Japanese Store.
I bought some Dolly Wink lower lashes (I'm not a Tsubasa fan ¬¬, but I always hear her lower lashes are really good, plus they were on sale ✿ ♥‿♥). Also got my all time favorite Diamond lashes and some eyetalk, I want to give it a try and see if it works better than the double eyelid tape.

My outfit xD! Gold x Black!

We had fun shopping *__*!!
And BTW I bought extra Dolly Wink Lower lashes!
I'm selling them for $12 usd +shipping

That's it for today!
Bye bye!


  1. Yuki Ageha PhantomhiveJune 9, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    Oh my god I love love love your outfit. *like ever* :D
    And I´m so jealous.I´m such a big "Mean girls" fan *^* I wish a store would sell this shirts here,too.Woooow so so jealous <3 I hope we can go shopping together in the future,too :3

  2. Your outfit Oh! God! You're.. GORGEOUS ;u:

  3. You all are pretty! *~* Also nice gets.
    I wonder who the lucky girls from Germany are who'll receive the Sanrio gifts. ^-^

  4. Me encanta el outfit!!! Negro y dorado...¡¡mi perdición!! Y por supuesto como siempre tu makeup... :P
    Echo de menos el pelo rosa viendo el pelo de tu amiga... ;_;

  5. Looove your outfit!! And you are purdy as ever ;)

  6. That outfit is fierce! <3
    Looks like you has a great time, too! <3

  7. love your outfit! it looks like you had a blast!

  8. me dio un derrame nezal con tu outfit! hermosa!♥

  9. Yo look adorable! Great Outfit!

  10. You look amazing.
    Ninoshka you are such a pretty human being *envious* :D

  11. smexy outift!! :D
    you and your friends are so beautiful!! <3
    I love your "silly" pictures xD

  12. The fourth pictures is hilarious! Freaking priceless lmao

    You are outfit is awesome as well very cute!

  13. You look so cute!! ♥♥♥ I love that you don't take things too seriously, I love these funny face pics XDDD

  14. You all look great! The 4th pic is priceless XD.

  15. awwww Thankk you dear!! Yeah Mean Girls is like the best movie ever!!
    Yeahhh come soon, so we can go shopping together!!

  16. Graciasss!!! yo tambien soy super fan del dorado *__*!!!

  17. Thank you so much!! <3<3 Yeahh we always have fun XD! haha

  18. xDDDDD hahhahah la super manera de describir lo que sentiste XD!!
    Muchas gracias!!!

  19. Hahaha yeah I was being silly that day XD! mehehe. Thank youu *__*8!!

  20. Awwwwww (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵))♥!! Thank youu!

  21. Thank youuu!! yeah for some reason I kept making silly faces XD! bahahha!!

  22. Thank you so much Sari!! Yeah I was just being silly, the only descent pic we took is the 2nd one xDDD!

  23. Thank you Memi!! Yeah I love Rosie's expression lol!!!

  24. You look so awesome in your last pic, the outfit pis. I love it so much !! You are so so so pretty *^*