Friday, February 1, 2013

Gift from Spain!!! *////*!

Hello everyone!! Last week I received a package from my friend Macarena *__*!
She is a super sweet Spanish gal who draws really good!! Check out her blog 
Oh well she went to Japan and thought me T^T so she got me some presents *///*! She also got me things from Spain. What I loved the most was the drawing, since we live far away she decided to draw us together, I hope soon we can meet each other *0* <3 I also loved the candy, she said she thought of the movie Girl's Life, when Sakurina gives a candy to her friend as a symbol of their friendship >/////< awwwww!!! she is the sweetest!

I put her drawing on my bookshelf and her presents inside the thing (basket >.>?) 
where I put all my presents >0< (yep these are all presents I will keep forever)

And here is a pic with the bow I received from Be A Doll
 *///* I love the bow so much!

That's it for today
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Bye bye


  1. That is sooooooo sweet! :) Love your gifts! And the drawing is very good. I'm going to watch Girl's life this weekend hihi. + You are beautiful as always.

  2. What nice gifts!And that drawing is so adorable!

  3. you've a great friend^^! soo sweet.
    you're super cute whit the bow

  4. the gifts and drawing are so cute! ;o
    and you look so beautiful on the last picture! really like the hairstyle :3

  5. Me alegro mucho de que te gustase! te lo he dicho muchas veces ya xD pero te lo vuelvo a decir eres una gran gaijin gyaru, espero verte pronto de vuelta en facebook =(

  6. very sweet present and drawing! :D She's very talented!
    And cuuuuute photo of yourself Nino~♥

  7. the drawing really looks like you and its so sweet <3
    i really like ur eye makeup Gah :3

  8. Awww sii me encantoo!! l voi a guardar para siempre Macarena *m* <3 fue un gran detalle! y nuevamente, muchas gracias!

  9. Thank youu! yeahh she draw super good *__*!!!