Monday, November 26, 2012

DollyEye Gothic 3 Tones Sapphire Sponsored review

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing well :D! was kind enough to sponsor me a pair of Circle lens ^__^!!
All circle lens orders come with a  FREE cute animal case to store your new CL!
-Colour: ★★★☆☆- These are really good if you want a natural look!! ^__^ 
I prefer vibrant colors XD!!
-Comfortableness: ★★★★★- Really comfy :D!!
-Enlargement-★★★★☆-As I said, these are perfect if you are going for a natural look!, 
so they do not make your eyes "alien" looking, yet they still enlarge your eyes :D!
-Overall ★★★★☆I really like these if I'm going for a natural look or to go out
 with my parents :3!

Now Pic Time!!

If you like them you can get them HERE!!

That's it for today
Bye bye!!


  1. They look really nice on you! Very natural as you said :)

  2. I have these in turquoise <3 I love them

  3. I think that's actually the difference between wearing them on brown or on blue eyes, 'cause the ones I have make my eyes 'pop' out. It really does something for me

  4. These show up so well on your eyes! I had these and they just looked like a murky brown >> haha Lookin' great as always ;D

  5. I got these in Turqoise from Crystal Lens and they are nice I just wish the color showed up as much as yours does even though they still look more on the natural side. lol I like more color too haha! Maybe I should have got that color instead. Dang it! lol I still gotta do a review on mine on my blog soon.

  6. Me encanto el color*W* Te quedan muy lindos!!

  7. rawwrr~ you always have such pretty eye makeup and lashes! those lens look great on you, even if you are looking for vibrant colors and not natural looking ones.

    - sarah -

  8. Awww I want light eyes T__T I think CL look super amazing on light eyes XDD! <3

  9. Awww weirdd >.>! my eyes are super dark brown.. :/ oh well I guess we always have to wear vibrant colors so they show up well ^__^!

  10. I knowww!!! Color is always good, specially for people with dark eyes as ours ><! I want to see how the Turquoise look *__*!

  11. nino porfavor soy de chile y me gustaria saber cuales son las pestañas que estas utilizando en tu look natural de este blogg ,tambien me gustaria si me puedes agregar como amiga en tu facebook porfavor ,me encantan tus maquillajes

  12. You are really pretty and those lenses looks so good on you! :3

    Much love <3

  13. Kyaaa~ you make the circle lenses look more pretty!
    That blue one suits you so well, makes you look so cheerful~ like yaaaay lol<3 (^ω^ )
    btw love your makeup as well. :3